1.On 2016, foreign trade elite Mrs. Zhang, both engineer and foreign trade elite founded the    new company---SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

2.ALLES CNC are the China's leading machine tool manufacturing company with more than 20 years of experience.


Has more than 36 professional complete sales team, 30 experienced first-class research and development team, perfect after-sales team of 20 engineers in 9 anguage, modern office space, equipment and standardization of standard workshop and perfect quality management system.

3.As a company of China, ALLES are already became a brilliant manufacturer in the world which committed to production CNC machine tool and other industrial equipment for automatic steel constructions.

4.More than 36 years of foreign service experience, covering more than 40 countries and regions, including India, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, Australia, USA, Canada and so on, more than 2, 000 overseas customers recognition. The double growth of performance has made it a leader in China's CNC machine service industry.

5.ALLES independently innovative research and development of product series, such as CNC machining center, CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, CNC angle steel punching, etc. With the new policy of "one belt and one road", ALLES can serve the world in the twenty-first Century and even in the future, and will become more stable and strong in the next few decades.


Where is ALLES CNC's home?

Located next to the Jinan city, Shandong province, China.,we have dedicated and specialized production facilities. 

Located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. ALLES factory covers 700,000 square meters of manufacturing workshop. And installed by more than 300 sets of large and medium-sized advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, forming an annual output of 200 sets of various types of cnc machine tools


ALLES CNC Assembly units

The factory with a total area of 700,000 square meters has divided the production area, processing area and assembly area for our equipment, and has more standardized management, which constitutes the production line of ALLES.

CNC Machining Center assembly plant

The CNC machining center produced by ALLES CNC is a precise machine tool with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control. The production area covers 72,000 square meters of the factory. The machine can be installed at one time and processed in many processes, realizing the process programmed and batch quantification, shortening the production cycle, greatly improving the processing efficiency and type.

ALLES CNC machining centers are divided into the following four types of mechanical equipment.

5 Axis Machine Center

It adopts numerical control rotary table and multiple machining surfaces to realize multiple cutting functions.

5 Axis Machine Center

Gantry Type 5 Axis Machine Center

The use of a fixed beam structure, as a table mobile boring and milling machine, greatly improved efficiency.

Gantry Type 5 Axis Machine Center

VMC 3 Axis Machine Center

Mainly used as processing parts, disk parts, housing parts, molds, etc.

VMC 3 Axis Machine Center

VMC 3 Axis Machine Center (C structure)

The unique C structure can continuously complete the precise machining of milling, drilling, expanding, twisting, twisting and tapping in one setup.

VMC 3 Axis Machine Center (C structure)

CNC Milling Machine assembly plant

In the application of CNC machine tools, CNC milling machines occupy a large proportion. In recent years, high-speed milling machines have been favored by customers. The production work area accounts for 36,000 square meters of factory area, and the Bridge type Milling Machine of ALBVMC series produced by ALLES CNC, and The ALGVMC series' Gantry Type Milling Machine has a spindle speed of 18,000 r/min, ensuring high precision while maintaining high precision.

ALLES CNC milling machines are divided into two categories

Bridge Type Milling Machine

It has a bridge cross-rail moving gantry milling machine that can machine planes, surfaces and holes.

Bridge type Milling Machine

Gantry Type Milling Machine

With fixed beam, it can be installed once and processed in multiple steps.

Gantry Type Milling Machine

CNC Drilling Machine assembly plant

CNC drilling machine is a universal machine tool with a wide range of uses. It can process parts such as drilling, reaming, reaming, countersunk plane and tapping threads. There are many kinds of drilling machines. Therefore, the area of CNC drilling machine occupies the largest area in the factory, occupying 324,000 square meters of factory area. The CNC drilling machine manufactured by ALLES CNC has the characteristics of high precision and easy operation. The CNC system is used to control the machine and equipment to achieve precise operation, thus reducing the labor intensity of workers. 

ALLES CNC drilling machines are divided into nine categories

3D Drilling Machine

Used in steel structure industries such as buildings, bridges, oceans, oil well platforms, etc., with high precision and easy operation.

3D drilling machine

Flange Drilling Machine

Used in valves, pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries.

Flange drilling machine

Plane Drill Machine

Efficient drilling of thicknesses in the effective range of flat plates, flanges, discs, ring parts, etc.

Plane drill machine

Angle Drilling Machine

It is used in the construction industry of power transmission, substation and other communication and communication industries, tower manufacturing and metal structure production.

Angle Drilling Machine

Ring Die Drilling Machine

Acting in aquaculture, pellet machine manufacturing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Ring Die Drilling Machine

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Acting in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Barrel Drilling Machine

The drilling process is completed automatically, with the characteristics of automatic cooling of the drill bit and automatic discharge of chips.

Barrel Drilling Machine

Header Tube Drilling Machine

Use high-speed steel combination drill collar tool instead of manual scribing to complete the welding groove.

Header Tube Drilling Machine

Cantilever Drilling Machine

With linear guide pair support and guiding, precision screw drive, the machine has high positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy.

Cantilever Drilling Machine

CNC boring and milling machine assembly plant

CNC boring and milling machines, which mainly process large parts, have a tendency to replace traditional milling. A wide range of milling processes, especially high-power, powerful cutting is a major processing advantage of the ALLES CNC milling and boring machine, which is also the traditional process concept of CNC boring and milling machine. ALLES CNC CNC milling and boring machine production area accounts for 36,000 square meters of factory area, the technical development of contemporary CNC boring and milling machine, this collection of advanced technology of mechanical processing equipment, suitable for both finishing and semi-finishing, but also for roughing This technology is also changing the traditional process concept and processing method. ALLES CNC is committed to replacing the traditional heavy cutting concept with the high-speed machining process concept, bringing the processing method change with high speed, high precision and high efficiency. Furthermore, it also promotes the structural change of the CNC milling and boring machine and the improvement of the technical level.

ALLES CNC boring and milling machines are divided into two categories.

Worktable Moving Boring Milling Machine

Workbench mobile boring and milling machine with fixed beam characteristics, a number of processes can be completed in one clamping.

Worktable Moving Boring Milling Machine

Gantry Moving Boring Milling Machine

With fixed beam, the ram has a single oscillating head that can be adjusted at any angle. The whole machine has good rigidity and high stability.

Gantry Moving Boring Milling Machine

CNC punching machine assembly plant

The CNC punching machine, which is easy to use, high precision and high in production efficiency, is favored by the world's major manufacturers because of the wide range of application industries. The ALLES CNC production work area accounts for 36,000 square meters of factory area, and the CNC punching machine produced by the welding machine is welded. Body, equipment rigidity, stable work, the use of block cylinders for mold change, accurate and reliable, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical main components are using internationally renowned brands, increasing reliability.

ALLES CNC punching machines are divided into two categories

CNC Marking Punching and Shearing System     CNC Joint-Plates Punching and Drilling Machine

19.CNC Joint-Plates Punching and Drilling Machine-1

CNC grinding machine assembly plant

The Bridge type Grinding Machine of the ALGM series, which is produced by the ALLES CNC's 18,000 square meters area, adopts centralized control of the numerical control system, servo drive, rack and pinion rotation and linear guide rails, large surrounding structure, which can realize precise movement of the machine tool and reduce the workers' Labor intensity.

CNC grinding machine assembly plant

CNC Turning and Milling Machine assembly plant

The ALLES CNC Turning and Milling Machine with a rotary table takes up 18,000 square meters of the ALLES CNC plant. There are two servo spindles that can be lifted and lowered on the gantry, which can be fed back and forth, left and right. The CNC spindle is equipped with a CNC swing head for vertical and horizontal conversion.

CNC Turning and Milling Machine assembly plant

CNC sawing machine assembly plant

The CNC sawing machine (also known as the automatic sawing machine) produced by ALLES CNC occupies 72,000 square meters of the ALLES CNC factory. It adopts a unique hydraulic system design and has a stable descending speed. This precision system prevents the saw blade from being damaged abnormally and achieves the ideal sawing. The effect is that the guiding arm is hydraulically moved, convenient to operate, simple and labor-saving, and equipped with a radium ray tool setting instrument to achieve fast and accurate positioning of the workpiece.

ALLES CNC sawing machines are divided into four categories

CNC Rotation Band Saws Machine     Gantry Horizontal Band Saw Machine      Double Column CNC Sawing Machine      CNC Sawing Machine GS280

CNC Rotation Band Saws Machine-1