Portable metal angle steel drilling system

Portable metal angle steel drilling system is used in power transmission and transformation, construction industry, simple structure and convenient operation. It is now the preferred choice of many customers.

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Portable metal angle steel drilling system Concept mapPortable metal angle steel drilling system


Portable metal angle steel drilling system Usage

This production line is used to the Electric power transmission and substation and the communications industry, tower manufacturing and construction industries of metal structure production, for the marking and drilling process.

The CNC production line have an independent hydraulic system, servo drive and electrical, nine-axis CNC servo system. The production line is composed of infeed transfer table unit, rotating loading unit, feeding conveyor unit, drilling unit, marking unit, outfeed conveyor unit, hydraulic system ,electrical control system  and cooling system etc.


Portable metal drilling system Feature

1. The drilling unit has two sets of the CNC dill head, and each side has three station knife libraries.

The drill head is use the cold precision spindle in Taiwan the maximum speed can reach 6000r/min, the drilling efficiency is much higher than ordinary drill press, drilling accuracy, and appearance is very good. The drill head servo feed, drilling high speed infeed, converted slowly into the workers into the point is reached, and automatically & quickly returned after completed the drilling. As the drill head is servo feed can complete the work of blind hole operations, one-time completion of processing all of the holes on the angle.

2. The dill uses the Sweden "SECO" internal cooling the drill bit. Drill aerosol cooling, the cooling effect, cooling liquid is not recycled, cold drill is equipped with a rotating blade, the use of low-cost, high drilling efficiency.

3. CNC machining process, convenient operation identity, can be automated, high-precision, multi-species, mass-produced.

4. PC using the English language interface, simple operation, acceptable to the workpiece program generated by lofting software, and also can hand writing.



Main Components of the Structure

Drill unit:

The drilling unit has two sets of the CNC drill head, and each side has three station knife libraries. To be completed by the three different pore sizes of drill automatic tool changer. Drill head have the two linear motion guide, vice-oriented, AC servo motor drive, precision ball screw drive, drill feed. Each side of the drill head is adjustable CNC move to change the drilling quasi-data.

Drill pin spindle with precision spindle (cold), with the flexibility of the butterfly spring automatically to broach institutions, hydraulic cylinders loose knife, easy to replace the knife handle.

Marking Unit:

The power of the marking unit is 1030kn, the body adopts the closed structure, and the performance of steel is good, marking clearly. Can be installed four sets of words box, type the quasi-distance can be arbitrarily set.

Feeding Unit:

CNC control feeding, the dolly of the feeding part control by the servo motor, optical encoder feedback, constitute a closed-loop control, high positioning accuracy.

Hydraulic System:

Mainly used for the pressure, hydraulic loose the spindle and marking function.


Control System:

The composition of the host computer, CNC system, servo motor, the PLC, external detection switches, etc...

Only need to enter the dimensions of the workpiece, automatic generation of the machining program, acceptable the loft software generated workpiece machining program can piece number at any time, call display and communication.

Portable metal angle steel drilling system Parameter



Angle size (mm)


Max. Workpiece   Length(M)

12 or as   customer request

Marking  Force(KN)


Marking Groups


Dimension of   Characters(mm)

Letter size   16X10X14 NOS. Stamp size:30X20X12mm

Adjustment Range   of Stadia(mm)

40--220   (stepless adjustment)

No. Of Drills on   each side

1 (3)

Taper of   drilling spindle


Max. Drilling   dia. (mm)


Max. Rotation   speed of spindle(r/min)


Max feeding   speed of drilling spindle(m/min)


Forward Speed (m/min)


CNC axes No.


Overall   dimension(mm)


Total power(KW)


Net Weight(Kg)



Q&A Angle steel drilling system:

1. Where is the main factory?


2. Battery replacement procedure

(1) Make sure the input power is turned off and the power of the replaced drive unit is turned off.

(2) Pull out the battery plug connected to the battery socket of the drive unit.

(3) Press the side of the battery with your fingertip, push the battery horizontally and remove it.

(4) The plug of the new battery is connected to the battery socket of the drive unit.

(5) Install the battery on the drive unit.