Automatic cnc chemical angle drilling machine

This Automatic cnc chemical angle drilling machine can realize the manual adjustment control of each processing parameter and the automatic control processing of the whole process.

Product Details

CNC Angle Drilling Machine

Worktable Size:Φ1000       Model:AL5VMC1000

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Automatic CNC chemical angle drilling machine Product video



The CNC high-speed angle steel drilling production line is a kind of angle steel tower processing equipment used in power transmission and transformation and communication industries. It can also be used for stamping, drilling and cutting of angle steel components in the construction industry, railway and bridge engineering.

Technical Parameters


Angle sizemm140X140X10--250X250X35
Max. Workpiece Lengthm12 or as customer request
Max. Rotation speed of spindleR/min6000
Max feeding speed of drilling spindleM/min15
Overall dimensionmm30000x7000x2500
Total powerkw109.7

Product key components


Marking Unit

cnc angle drilling machine

The Automatic cnc chemical angle drilling machine power of the marking unit is 1030kn, the body adopts the closed structure, and the performance of steel is good, marking clearly. Can be installed four sets of words box, type the quasi-distance can be arbitrarily set.

Application industry


CNC angle steel drills are used in the tower industry.


CNC angle steel drills are used in the tower industry. In the iron tower processing equipment, there are two main processing methods used in the hole making process, one is stamping and the other is drilling, which is different from the CNC angle steel punching production line.

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