Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling

The boiler CNC three-dimensional drill beam is equipped with a main shaft. Each of the two columns is equipped with an electric spindle for one-time installation and three-sided drilling, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing quality, and has high rigidity and strength to ensure long-term operation.

Product Details

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1. Machine Gearing
(1)ReducerBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling reducer
(2)Rack Gear PinionBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling rack gear pinion
(3)Ball ScrewBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling ball screw
(4)Linear GuideBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling linear guide
2.   Machine System
(1)CNC system(Optional)
SIEMENS systemLYNUC system
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling siemens systemBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling lynuc system
KND systemSYNTEC system
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling knd systemBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling synud system
(2)Lubrication system
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling lubricatian systemBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling lubricatian system
(3)Chip collection
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling chip collectinBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling chip collectin
3.Processing Show
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling drillingBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling milling
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling tappingBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling csrewing
Drilling Head
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling drilling headBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling drilling head
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling drilling headBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling drilling head
Control System (optional)
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling control system(optional)Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling control system(optional)
Chip removal systemLubricationl system
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling chip removal systemBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling lubricatian system
Workpiece show
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece showBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece show
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece showBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece show
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece showBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling workpiece show
Knife Rest (optional)
Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling knife rest (optional)
Electrical systemotary
image064.jpgBoiler CNC three-dimensional drilling electrical systemotary last

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Boiler CNC three-dimensional drilling Information

SDALBD1250 3D drilling machine is widely used in buildings, bridges, power plants, boilers, stereo garage, offshore oil well platform, tower masts and other steel structures industry, especially suitable for H-beam steel structure, channel steel, with high precision and operation easily.

 (I) Machine structure and configuration:

1. The machine is composed of bed , CNC slide (3), self-control stroke drilling head (3), the clamping mechanism, the detection device, cooling system, automatic lubrication the iron filings box, safety net and others main components.

2. The bed is square steel tubes welded together and done strengthen to the larger force structure of the bed, the completion of the weld artificial aging treatment, which ensure the stability of the bed well, thus ensure the accuracy of the entire machine.

3. CNC slide a total of three, are fixed side CNC slide, movable side CNC slide and intermediate unit CNC slide. Three slide with same structure ,all composed of slipped board, slide and servo drive system. On three sliding stage, there is a total of six CNC axes, each slide with two CNC axes, each the CNC axis adopts precision linear rolling guide rail, driven by AC servo motor + ball screw. Thus, each of the slide can move along two directions, not only along with perpendicular to the workpiece feed direction, but also workpiece feeding direction. After one feeding ,during same work position, it can finish all hole drilling in one hole group of H beam (520mm), make sure , even if hole not in same section of workpiece, also can be drilled at same time,  greatly improved the position and efficiency .

4. Equipped with three self-control drilling spindle boxes , respectively, installed on the three CNC slides, do drilling in horizontal and vertical directions. Each drill spindle box can drill independently , also can drill at the same time . And can automatic realize the exchanging working of fast feeding-drilling-fast back , no need to set drill length and work piece thickness . And this exchanging can realized through combined effects of mechanical, electrical, fluid , with reliable work, easy maintenance, improve efficiency.

Drilling head spindle speed is controlled by a frequency converter, stepless adjustment; feeding speed stepless adjustment by speed control valve, do quick adjust in large scopes , based on workpiece material, drilling diameters etc.

5. Workpiece fixing adopts hydraulic clamping, do horizontally clamping and vertical clamping separately. Horizontally clamping is composed of fixed side datum and moving side clamp , the fixed side datum keep fixing, moving side clamping move slide table driven by a large cylinder, the linear guide guiding ,moving to the fixed side to realize workpiece horizontally clamping ; the vertical clamps , install on the fixed side and moving side , 2 pcs on each side , do up and down moving through relative cylinder drive the lever , to do vertical clamping for workpiece. Compression bars have few groups types , need do change relative bars based on different height of workpiece.

6. This machine is equipped with work piece width detection and web height detection device, which can effectively compensate the deformation of the work piece to ensure processing accuracy;

7. Equipped with a spray cooling system, less cooling liquid using, cost savings, and reducing the wearing of the drill bit.

8. Equipped with iron filings box, the chip can be automatically discharged into the box, easily transported.

9. In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment , equipped with a safety net.


(II) Main machine processing capacity and parameter:



 Parameter    values



H Beam











By customer’s    request

Short-material restrictions


Automatic processing


manual processing:690~3000






Drill size

The fixed side and moving side




Intermediate unit




Main shaft rotation speed




Main shaft taper


#3 and #4 Morse taper hole

Can turn into#2

Axial stroke

The fixed side and moving side




Intermediate unit




Axis to the feed rate




Moving distance

Each spindle in the direction of length of the    workpiece




Both sides of the spindle in the vertical direction



Start from upper planar of the supporting roller

Intermediate unit in the direction 0f the workpiece    width



Starting from datum side

Cooling method

Compressed air + cutting fluid




Air supply pressure




Processing accuracy

Hole group adjacent Pitch error




10 meters adjacent to the accuracy of the feeding    distance




Motor Power

Spindle rotation of three-phase asynchronous motors



Spindle NO.: 3

Intermediate unit X-axis servo motor




Intermediate unit Z-axis servo motor




Fixed side , movable side
     X-axis servo-motor




Fixed side , movable side  Y-axis servo-motor




The mobile pallet three-phase asynchronous motor





L x W x H


About 4800x2400x3300


total weight


About 7500




1. Where is the company?

Jinan, Shandong, China

2. Battery replacement procedure

(1) Make sure the input power is turned off and the power of the replaced drive unit is turned off.

(2) Pull out the battery plug connected to the battery socket of the drive unit.

(3) Press the side of the battery with your fingertip, push the battery horizontally and remove it.

(4) The plug of the new battery is connected to the battery socket of the drive unit.

(5) Install the battery on the drive unit.

3. About delivery time

a. there are more than 200 sets of machine tool are in stock

b. we have own mechanical production line

c. There is a long-term cooperation with the shipping company, can make the goods more quickly and efficiently so that can delivered safely to the designated place as guest.

4. About package

wooden box