Intelligent CNC Header Tube Drilling Machine

Intelligent CNC header tube drilling machine is mainly used to drilling hole on the header tube, and also welding groove in boiler industry. It can be drilled with twist drill or high-speed drilling with internal cold carbide tool, without manual scribing, which greatly improves the position accuracy and drilling efficiency of the hole, to realize drilling automation.

Product Details

Intelligent CNC header tube drilling machine PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Machine structure and configuration 

This machine is a gantry movebile vertical CNC drilling machine, which can be the processing while loading and unloading at the same time, which improves the processing efficiency. It can be used for pipe fittings with a diameter of 130-600mm and with a diameter Of length below 10 meters.


1.The machine consists of the machine base, gantry, CNC dividing head, drilling power head, header tube support frame, clamping cylinder, chip removal and cooling system, automatic lubrication system, and also the hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system.


2.The base is the basic part of the machine, it adopts welded steel structure and is treated by thermal aging and stress relief, which has good rigidity and stability. A plurality of adjustable foundation screws are densely attached to the bottom surface of the base, which can be conveniently adjusted to ensure the flatness and straightness of the guide surface on the base.


3.The gantry adopts the cast gantry structure, and the longitudinal movement of the gantry (X-axis) , it adopts two Linear roller guide deputy guidance with high bearing capacity which are fixed on the base, and is driven by a servo motor through a precision reducer and a backlash gear rack pair. It equipped with hydraulic lock device. The hydraulic locking mechanism locks the cylinder when the drive motor stops, so that the gantry can be locked on the base. Ensure high positioning accuracy and fast positioning of the X axis.


4.The machine is equipped with a three-jaw self-centering chuck, which is convenient for clamping and loosening the workpiece. The division is controlled by AC servo motor (A shaft), and the division is accurate and reliable. The three-jaw chuck and reducer are mounted on the box body, separated at one end of the workpiece, and the clamping process of the workpiece below 10m can be realized.


5.The drilling power head (Z-axis) moves with two linear roller guides. The drive uses AC servo motor to drive the timing belt (i=2) and the precision ball screw drive. The power head uses the servo motor to pass the timing belt,synchronous wheel deceleration, heavy-duty precision guide rail sub-guide, drive vertical ball screw rotation to achieve digital feed. The Z-axis motor has an automatic brake function. In the case of power failure, the automatic brake holds the motor shaft, so that it cannot rotate. When working, if the drill head does not touch the workpiece surface, rapid feeding; when the drill head contacts the workpiece, it automatically switches to work. When the drill bit penetrates the workpiece, it automatically switches to rewind; when the end of the drill bit leaves the workpiece and reaches the set position, it shifts to the next hole position to realize automatic circulation. And it can realize blind drilling, milling, chamfering, chip breaking, automatic chip removal and other functions, which improves labor productivity.

Intelligent CNC header tube drilling machine PRODUCT PARAMETER

Main Technical Parameters




Workpiece Parameters

Workpiece diameter range


Workpiece max. Length


Drilling Diameter Range

Φ10-Φ50mm, Core drill 126

 Pitch accuracy between two adjacent holes


Pitch accuracy of any two holes


drilling power head



Spindle Taper


Maximum Drilling Diameter

Φ50mm Core drill 126

Drilling Depth


Spindle Speed


Spindle Motor Power


Spindle Travel


Gantry longitudinal movement (X-axis)


Maximum Spacing (spindle center)


X Axis Moving Speed


X Axis Servo Motor Power


drilling power head(Z axis)

Z Axis Stroke


Z Axis Feeding Speed


Z Axis Servo Motor Power


CNC dividing head(A axis)

Indexing Speed (CNC)


CNC Indexing Motor Power


Positioning Accuracy

X Axis

 0.2mm/Full Length


 0.08mm/Full Length

Repeated Positioning Accuracy

X Axis




Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Pump Pressure


Hydraulic Pump Motor Power


Pneumatic System

Compressed Air Supply Pressure


Chip Removal And Cooling Device

Chip Conveyor Type

Flat chain Type

Number Of Chip Conveyors

2 sets

Chip Removal Speed


Chip Conveyor Motor Power


Inner Cooling

High Pressure Water Cooling

External Cold

Water Cooling

Automatic Lubrication System

Lubrication Pressure


Lubrication Point


Lubrication Cycle


Electrical System

CNC System

Siemens 808D

Number Of CNC Axis


Total Motor Power

About 50kW

Machine Overall size

Length X width X height

About 15X2.3X3.1m

Machine Weight

About 20t


Intelligent CNC header tube drilling machine PRODUCT FEATURE AND APPLICATION

Milling, boring, drilling and tapping all these processes can be made in one clamping and improves production efficiency and machining quality.

Fully protective CNC machine tool with single swing head on the slider and CNC rotary table. 5 axis linkage, machine precision operation and reduction of labor input.

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