CNC Multiple-spindle Tube Sheet Drilling Machine

CNC multi-axis tube sheet drilling machine is mainly used for the processing of large flanges, heat exchangers and tube sheet parts in the petroleum, chemical, and boiler industries.

Product Details

CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine

Size of workpiece (WxL):2000×2000-24000mm      Model:

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The tube plate plane drilling mainly consists of bed and longitudinal sliding table, gantry and horizontal sliding table, vertical drilling power unit, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system and so on.

1. The CNC tube plate plane drill reduces the length of the bed and saves the floor space. The bed and beam are welded with steel plates, which have been artificially aged to ensure stable accuracy. The reinforced gantry greatly improves the rigidity of the machine tool and can ensure a large cutting amount.

2. The longitudinal (X-axis) movement of the gantry is guided by the high-precision linear guides installed on both sides of the bed, which makes the movement flexible. The drive adopts a servo motor to drive the reducer to drive both sides synchronously. Both the guide rail and the rack and pinion pair have eliminated the gap, with good response and high positioning accuracy.

Technical Parameters


Work tableSize of workpiece (WxL)mm2000×2000-24000
Two column spacingmm2000
Load- bearing of worktablet/m²10
T-slot widthmm28
Vertical ram type power headQuantity/2 Standard
Spindle taper hole/BT50
Max. drilling diametermmΦ100
Spindle speedr/min30—560 Standard
Spindle servo motor powerkW11 Standard
Positioning  precisionX-axismm0.06/2000
 With grating 0.03/2000
 Y-axismm Full length
 With grating 0.08/ Full length
Re-Positioning precision X-axismm0.03/2000
 With grating 0.015/2000
 Y-axismm0.04 Full length
With grating 0.02/ Full length

Product key components


CNC Multiple-spindle Tube Sheet Drilling Machine Mobile gantry

tube sheet plate drilling machine

CNC Multiple-spindle Tube Sheet Drilling Machine Mobile gantry: The mobile gantry is cast with gray iron 250. A super-high load-carrying rolling linear guide is installed on the front side of the gantry. A set of precision ball screws and a servo motor move the power head slide in the Y-axis direction. The power head slides are equipped with drilling power heads. The movement of the gantry is achieved by the servo motor driving the rotation of the ball screw on the ball screw through the precision coupling.

Application industry


tube sheet drilling machine

Tube sheet is widely used in petrochemical, boiler, refrigeration, steam turbine and other industries, and tube sheet processing is an important process in heat exchanger manufacturing, and it occupies a very important position in heat exchanger production.

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