Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine

The heat-exchanger plate drilling machine spindle is driven by a high-power spindle servo motor through a timing belt. The spindle speed is 30-3000r/min and the speed range is wide.

Product Details

CNC plate drilling machine

Worktable Size:5000×5000-24000mm       Model:ALPHD5050

cnc 5 axis machine center

cnc plate drilling machine

Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine Product video



Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine can be installed carbide alloy inner cooling drill for drilling; can also use high-speed steel twist drill for external drilling. The speed of the cnc plate drilling machine in this video is 1200mm/min and the drilling diameter reaches 12mm.

Technical Parameters


Work tableSize of workpiece (WxL)mm5000×5000-24000
Two column spacingmm4000
Load- bearing of worktablet/m²10
T-slot widthmm28
Vertical ram type power headQuantity
2 Standard
Spindle taper hole
Max. drilling diametermmΦ80
Drilling depth/ drilling diameter
(Carbide drill)
Max. milling cutter diametermm200
Spindle speedr/min30—3000 Standard
Spindle max. torqueNm700 Standard
Distance from spindle to worktablemm300-800 Standard
Positioning  precisionX-axismm0.06/2000
With grating 0.03/2000
Y-axismmFull length
With grating 0.04/ Full length
Re-Positioning precisionX-axismm0.03/2000
With grating 0.015/2000
Y-axismm0.04 Full length
With grating 0.02/ Full length

Product key components


Lubrication system

Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine, Lubrication system: adopts automatic lubrication system, send oil in fixed quantity and fixed time in three direction.

Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine

Application industry


CNC plate drilling machine used in the tower industry

cnc plate drilling machine

Heat-exchanger plate drilling machine is used for the drilling of various large-scale porous parts such as stacked plates, longitudinal beams, structural steel, pipe fittings, heat exchangers, tube sheet processing in the petrochemical industry, tube sheets and heads in the boiler industry Processing, steel tower and steel structure connecting plate processing.

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