CNC Steel Structure Plate Drilling Machine

CNC Steel Structure Plate Drilling Machine can be clamped with hard alloy inner-cooled drill bits and can also be drilled with high-speed steel twist drills.

Product Details

CNC plate drilling machine

Worktable Size:1000×1600       Model:ALPZ1016

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CNC Steel Structure Plate Drilling Machine


The ALLES CNC plate drilling machine rotates at 560rpm and uses ordinary twist drills. It adopts numerical control ram type power head (Z axis), the stroke is preset according to the workpiece, which can realize the automatic conversion of drill fast forward-work forward-fast backward, with the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple structure and low maintenance cost. Exquisite structure, convenient use and simple maintenance.

Technical Parameters


Worktable Size of worktable (WxL) mm1000×1600
Load - bearing of worktablet/m²7
T-slot widthmm24
Longitudinal movement of the gantry(X-axis)Maximum travelmm3000-24000
X-axis moving speedm/min0-10
X-axis servo motor powerkw2
Positioning precisionX-axismm0.06/2000
Y-axis0.08/ Full length
Re-positioning precisionX-axismm0.03/2000

Product key components


Lubrication system

Lubrication system: adopts automatic lubrication system, send oil in fixed quantity and fixed time in three direction.


Application industry



CNC plate drilling machine is mainly used for drilling plate workpieces in steel structure industries such as construction, bridges, and iron towers. It can also be used for drilling and light milling of tube sheets, baffles and circular flanges in the boiler and petrochemical industries. ; CNC plate drilling machine is used to drill through holes, blind holes, stepped holes, hole end chamfering and plane milling.

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