Nuclear power CNC plate drilling machine

The nuclear power CNC plate drilling machine process is numerically controlled, with high efficiency, high precision, convenient programming and simple operation.

Product Details

CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Worktable Size:3000×(30-300)mm       Model:ALPHD1020

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ALPDH series CNC plate drilling machine, with the function of drilling, tapping and slight-milling, can clamp carbide drill inner-cooling or high-speed metal twist drill outer cooling. Mainly used in the processing of flange, heat-exchanger, tube sheet. the processing controlled by CNC,  with high efficiency , precision, easily programming and simple operation.

Technical Parameters


The largest processing workpiece sizeLength × diameter (mm)3000×(30-300)
The maximum thickness of the workpiece (mm)≤ 5 times the drill diameter
Vertical ram-type drilling power headQuantity(PCS)1
Spindle taperBT30
Spindle speed (r / min)30~1500
Servo spindle motor power (kw)2.2
Machine dimensionsLength × width × height (mm)4900*1500*1900
Three-axis positioning accuracyX/Y/Z±0.05/300mm
Three-axis repeat positioning accuracyX/Y/Z±0.025/300mm

Product key components


Drilling head

plate drilling machine

Nuclear power CNC plate drilling machine drilling head using a dedicated frequency spindle motor, via a toothed belt drive for precision spindle achieve frequency variable speed, feed for the servo motor and ball screw drive. X, Y axis can be linked, using the semi-closed loop control, to achieve linear and circular interpolation function. BT40 taper spindle end is clamped drill or milling cutter, higher precision, high-speed cutting, other optional configuration precision tool library that implements the process of automatic tool replacement easier, a high degree of human liberation process automation.

Machine can do milling taping drilling by use below machine tools. (not equipped with machine as spare parts customer can purchase separately).

Application industry



CNC plate drilling machine can complete drilling, expansion, reaming, tapping and other processes. In wind power, boiler, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power equipment and other industries, flanges, heat exchangers and tube sheet parts, as well as connecting plates of iron towers and steel structures During processing, there are a large number of hole-making processing needs, and a CNC plane drilling machine can meet the processing.

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