CNC heat-exchanger plate drilling machine

The CNC heat-exchanger plate drilling machine process is numerically controlled, with high efficiency, high precision, convenient programming and simple operation.

Product Details

CNC plate drilling machine

Workpiece size:4000mm×2000mm       Model:ALPZ2040

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ALPZ2016 cnc plate drilling machine

CNC heat-exchanger plate drilling machine Product video


Steel Structure Gantry Type Drilling Machine, In order to meet the processing needs of different users, the company developed a variety of stereotyped products, in addition to the conventional models, but also according to the actual needs of the user design and customization.

Technical Parameters


Workpiece sizeL×W(mm)4000mm×2000mm
SpindleMax.drilling depth/diamter(L/D)≤5
Gearshift methodInverter stepless variable speed
Rotation speed120-560r/min
workholdingClamping thickness15-100mm
Number of tank for clamping12
Hydraulic pressureClamping pressure6MPa(60kgf/cm2)
Capacity of tank120L
Machine weightAbout 12 tons

Product key components


Lubrication system

Steel Structure Gantry Type Drilling Machine lubrication system: adopts automatic lubrication system, send oil in fixed quantity and fixed time in three direction.


Application industry



CNC plate drilling machine can complete drilling, expansion, reaming, tapping and other processes. In wind power, boiler, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power equipment and other industries, flanges, heat exchangers and tube sheet parts, as well as connecting plates of iron towers and steel structures During processing, there are a large number of hole-making processing needs, and a CNC plane drilling machine can meet the processing.

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