CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine

The CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine mainly consists of lathe bed, gantry, hydraulic automatic drilling power head, hydraulic system, electrical control system, cooling system, chip removal system, centralized lubrication system, etc.

Product Details

CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Worktable Size:4000mm×2000mm       Model:ALPZ2040

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ALLES CNC CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine hydraulic clamping plate drilling, Shandong Alles itself engaged in machine tool processing for more than 20 years, also as a terminal user of machine tools, knowing that a good device must have good rigidity as the basis to play the role of the device itself. Meet the needs and recognition of users.

Technical Parameters


Workpiece sizeL×W(mm)4000mm×2000mm
SpindleMax.drilling depth/diamter(L/D)≤5
Gearshift methodInverter stepless variable speed
Rotation speed120-560r/min
workholdingClamping thickness15-100mm
Number of tank for clamping12
Hydraulic pressureClamping pressure6MPa(60kgf/cm2)
Capacity of tank120L
Machine weightAbout 12 tons

Product key components


CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine

The CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine operating mode of machine tool is that the lathe bed fixation, mobile gantry. A total of 2 numerical control shaft, gantry positioning axis (X); drilling power head lateral positioning axis (Y).  Each numerical control shaft is directed by precision linear rolling guide, AC servo motor + ball screw drive, high precision.

Application industry



CNC Metal Plate Drilling Machine, adopts hydraulic control structure of power head, automatically by the electromechanical liquid, realizing fast forward, normal speed, quick reverse of automatic conversion, high efficiency.

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