Gantry CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

Gantry CNC drilling and milling machine is a gantry CNC drilling and milling machine with drilling, rigid tapping and milling functions. It can be used for clamping carbide internal cold bit drilling or high-speed steel twist drill external cold drilling.Mainly used for pipe plate, flange steel plate and long workpiece.

Product Details

CNC plate drilling machine

Worktable Size:3000mm×3000mm       Model:ALPZ3030

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The Gantry CNC Drilling And Milling Machine mainly consists of lathe bed, gantry, hydraulic automatic drilling power head, hydraulic system, electrical control system, cooling system, chip removal system, centralized lubrication system, etc.

Technical Parameters


Workpiece sizeL×W(mm)3000mm×3000mm
SpindleMax.drilling depth/diamter(L/D)≤5
Gearshift methodInverter stepless variable speed
Rotation speed120-560r/min
Stroke length180mm
Hydraulic pressureClamping pressure6MPa(60kgf/cm2)
Capacity of tank120L
ElectricalSpindle motor7.5kw
Hydraulic pump0.75kw
Cooling pump0.40kw
WeightAbout 12tons

Product key components


Gear and rack

Gantry CNC Drilling And Milling Machine, X, Y, Z way all adopts transmission of gear and rack.

The bearing capacity is large, the transmission accuracy is high, up to 0.1mm, and it can be connected infinitely, and the transmission speed can be very high, >2m/s.


Application industry


CNC plate drilling machine used in the tower industry

cnc plate drilling machine

CNC plate drilling machine is used for the drilling of various large-scale porous parts such as stacked plates, longitudinal beams, structural steel, pipe fittings, heat exchangers, tube sheet processing in the petrochemical industry, tube sheets and heads in the boiler industry Processing, steel tower and steel structure connecting plate processing.

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