Metal Automatic CNC Lathe

Metal automatic CNC lathe have multiple advantages, such as high precision, fast speed, economical and practical, generous appearance, small footprint, and multiple advantages.

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Product Description

Metal automatic CNC lathe

Metal automatic CNC lathe bed is made of high-rigidity cast iron, which is made of resin sand andaged. The internal rib shape of the bed is reasonable and has high rigidity, which can fully guarantee the stability of the machine tool when cutting large diameter parts. The guide rail adopts the intermediate frequency quenching and grinding process, the depth of the hardened layer is 2 ~ 3mm, and the hardness is above 52 HRC.Adopt anti-creeping guide rails and other technical measures at the

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Product parameter

Max. swing over bedmmΦ320
Swing over cross slidemmΦ70
Max. processing lengthmm280
X/Z axis travelmm280/330
Spindle nosemmA2-5
Spindle bore
X/Z axis repeatabilitymm±0.003
X/Z axis feed motor torqueN.mX:4 Z:4
X/Z Rapid traversem/min20/20
Machine dimension (L×W×H)mm1580×1250×1680
Net. weight (about)kg1200

Product Details

Metal automatic CNC latheMetal automatic CNC lathe

Our Service

1. Our technical engineers can go to customer's site for installation and training.

2. Customers may come to our factory directly for learning and training.

We offer the training, including machine installation, drawing operations ,operation machine trouble shooting, and maintenance.

3. Our company provide life long technical service for our machines.

4. Regular visits or telephone interviews to acknowledge the equipment usage.


Stiffness and friction damping coefficient at the optimal state, and avoidthe occurrence of low-speed crawling. 

2. X, Z direction feed adopts large pitch, high precision and high strength ballscrew; servo motor adopts flexible coupling directly connected to the screw, directly transmitting power to high precision ball screw, X, Z two All directions


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