VMC850 BT40 Vertical CNC Milling Machine

The VMC850 BT40 Vertical CNC Milling Machine three axis adopts linear guide rail, which has high rigidity, low noise and low friction. It can make rapid displacement and obtain the best rounding precision.

Product Details

Vertical CNC Machine Center

Worktable Size:1000x500mm       Model:ALVMC850

cnc 5 axis machine center

cnc vertical machine center

VMC850 BT40 Vertical CNC Milling Machine Product video


ALLES CNC vertical machine center ALVMC850 conducts an experiment at 8000 rpm in the factory to see whether the spindle can reach 8000 speed after our own research. The result is successful, and the processed workpiece is smooth and tidy, like a mirror.

Technical Parameters


WorktableWorktable sizemm1000x500
TravelX axis travelmm800
Y axis travelmm500
Z axis travelmm500

Spindle taper/BT40
Spindle speedrpm10000
ATCATC type/Arm type
Motor capacityController/Mitsubishi M80b
Spindle motor (continuous / 15 minutes)kw7.5/11
Servo motor (X/Y/Z)kw1.8/1.8/3.0

Product key components


VMC850 BT40 Vertical CNC Milling Machine tool change device: Fast, simple, reliable and long-life tool changer for smooth and reliable tool change. The unique tool changer design, advanced cam-type drive mechanism, and the ability to select the tool at any position can be quickly achieved by PLC software control. The tool changer has undergone a million test conversion tests to meet the reliability requirements. The fast tool change mechanism saves cutting time and increases production efficiency. The cam-driven tool magazine ensures high-precision rotation and smooth operation with heavy-duty tools.

cnc vertical machine centercnc vertical machine centercnc vertical machine center

Application industry


The use of CNC vertical machin center in high-precision parts industry

cnc vertical machine centercnc vertical machine center

Vertical machining centers can process high precision, complex shapes and structures, especially parts with complex curves or contours, and shell parts.

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