Precision 5 Axis CNC Machining Center

5 axis machining center can not only complete the tasks of mechanized processing of complex workpieces, but also quickly improve processing efficiency and shorten processing procedures.

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Precision 5 axis CNC machining center

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Through the 5axis machining center technology, the problem that the workpiece needs to be repositioned at a complex angle and needs to be debugged multiple times is solved, not only shortens the time, but also reduces the error generated. The tooling required when installing the workpiece The large cost of the fixture has also been saved, and the processing of complex parts, such as drilling, taper processing, and cavity recesses required for complex surfaces, has also been achieved.

Product parameter

ItemUnit AL5VMC1500
Worktable    Sizemm2Φ1500
Pass Widthmm1200
TravelLongitude (X)mm1500
Lateral (Y)mm1480
Vertical (Z)mm750
Head (A)
Rotary Table (C)
Spindle Number
Spindle Rotation Speedsr/min10-4000
Spindle TorqueNm288
Spindle Servo PowerKw30
Positioning Accuracymm0.02/1000
Max Worktable Load    Weight T6

Product Details


5 axis machining center is processing, the tool can always be in the most effective cutting state for the workpiece. In some processing fields, large-size tools can be used to avoid mutual interference. This type of tool has better rigidity. Both the processing accuracy and processing efficiency can be improved.

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5 axis machining center can avoid the interference of cutting tools, and can process complex parts that are difficult to process by ordinary three-axis machine tools.

For the processing of ruled surface molds, side milling one-shot molding technology can be used, which has good processing quality and high efficiency.


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