Full Automatic Mask Machine For Medical Use

During the epidemic, masks are a hard-core equipment that is essential for everyone ’s travel. Now masks are in short supply. ALLES takes you to appreciate the style of fully automatic mask machines.

Product Details

Automatic mask machine

Equipment Introduction:

This production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks. The main process flow includes coil material feeding, nose bridge tendon feeding, folding and pressing, mask cutting and forming, earphone feeding and welding, finished material cutting, etc. Automatically completes production from raw materials to finished masks. The produced masks are comfortable to wear, no pressure, good filtering effect of the masks, fit the human face, and can be used in medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries.



Product parameters:

Equipment sizeL6300*W3500*H2000mm
Product yield99%
Movement rate98%
Product specifications175*95mm
Power supply220V/15A
Power consumption3.5KW
Gas source0.5-0.7MPa

Equipment advantages:

Ø All electrical components of the equipment adopt international first-line brands to ensure the stability of the equipment to the greatest extent;

Ø Using first-line brand ultrasonic welding machine, high welding efficiency, good quality, stable and durable;

Ø High-speed production, 100-110PCS per minute;

Ø Intelligent control, simple and convenient operation;

Ø Automatic shutdown alarm for equipment abnormality, early warning of lack of materials, intelligent guidance of human-machine interface for quick processing;

Ø Appearance is made of food-grade stainless steel.

Full automatic mask machine for medical use



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