CNC Horizontal Spindle Machining Centre

CNC Horizontal machining center High-power AC servo spindle motor can realize the stepless speed regulation of the spindle to meet the requirements of low-speed, high-torque, and high-speed cutting.

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CNC Horizontal Spindle Machining Centre

Horizontal machining center Basic movement of the machine tool is mainly controlled by the numerical control system and the servo drive device,Horizontal machining center After the workpiece is clamped once, multi-process automatic processing is completed, the tool is automatically selected and replaced, the spindle speed and feed speed of the machine tool are automatically changed, the movement path of the tool and the workpiece is automatically changed, and other auxiliary functions are automatically realized.

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Product parameter

Processing rangeTravel(X/Y/Z)mm1000/900/900
Spindle center line to
worktable distance
Spindle end to worktable
center line distance
Work tableWorktable sizemm630×630
Max. loadkg1200
Max. size of work piecemm1000×800
Machine tool accuracypositioning accuracy
Repeat accuracy(X/Y/Z)mm0.005
Rotary table indexing
Rotary table repeat indexing
Product Details

CNC Horizontal Spindle Machining CentreCNC Horizontal Spindle Machining Centre

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1. Our technical engineers can go to customer's site for installation and training.

2. Customers may come to our factory directly for learning and training.

We offer the training, including machine installation, drawing operations ,operation machine trouble shooting, and maintenance.

3. Our company provide life long technical service for our machines.

4. Regular visits or telephone interviews to acknowledge the equipment usage.


  1. System configuration:equipped with high-performance FANUC CNC system, which can guarantee the CNC machining function and auxiliary function required by users.

  2. Y-axis column:The frame structure column formed by two walls has an overall honeycomb arrangement in the two side walls, which has high torsion bending rigidity and bilateral symmetrical structure, ensuring excellent thermal stability.

  3. Main Axle Box:The high-power AC servo spindle motor can realize stepless speed regulation of the spindle, and meet the requirements of low speed, high torque and high speed cutting. 

  4. Drive:The advanced high inertia feed servo motor is used to realize the three-axis feed drive. Taiwan's high-rigidity ball screw, in which the X/Z axis adopts the roller guide for the wire gauge structure and the Y-axis adopts the rigid gauge rectangular structure. Good and high precision.


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