Angle Punching Marking Cutting Production Machine

Angle Punching Marking Cutting Production Machine
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Products Usage:

CNC automatically angle line machine is mainly used for transmission and distribution industry of steel tower production, also use in construction industry of metal components in the marking, punching and shearing process.


 ◆Punching feeding fast, high efficiency 

  ◆Adopt CNC technology, servo motor in feeding, with high efficiency, stable precision of 


◆The key electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic components and key cable qre imported, well shielded, high precision and durability.

◆Easy programming and directly use the program deta made by lofting software.

◆Computer with Chinese/English interface, easy operation, be able to display the drawing of work piece.


  ◆Marking、punching、cutting are all performed automatically. Finished products adopt pneumatic flip unloading

  ◆Easy programming, simply type the workpiece size, pore size, accurate date, the number of workpieces.

◆Single shear sutting funcation conservation of raw materials

◆Typing unit adopts closed frame with good rigidity

◆With self-diagnosis failures funcations





Shandong ALLES has more than 40 invention patents and established the ‘ALLES’independent brand. As a well-known domestic brand, we gradually expands our market with high quality, high cost performance and perfect service.

With continuous development of technology research and development level, standardized scientific management, excellent product quality and customer-oriented service concept have made Shandong Anle win a good company reputation and tens of thousands of loyal customers in the global market. In recent years, our CNC machines have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. Such as North America, Western Europe, South Asia, South America, the Middle East and so on.


1. What brand is the CNC system?

SIEMENS system; FANUC system; Shanghai LYNUC system; Taiwan China SYNTEC system to meet your  requirements.

2. Where is the company?


3. CNC drilling tool selection coup?

(1) According to processing efficiency

(2) Select according to drilling depth

Hole drilling depth / drill hole diameter ≤ 5 users can use carbide inserts with indexable inserts, this drill has high   efficiency, relatively low cost, and high finish of drilling;

(3) According to the material selection of the workpiece

If the hardness of the material is high, users are advised to use cemented carbide drills with indexable inserts. The   material is more viscous and it is not easy to break chips. It is recommended that users use solid carbide alloy   chipbreakers;

(4) According to spindle taper selection