CNC Metal Hydraulic Press

The CNC metal hydraulic punching machine body adopts the welding fuselage, the equipment has good rigidity and stable work, and the die changing method adopts the block cylinder method to be accurate and reliable.

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CNC metal hydraulic press

CNC hydraulic presses are mainly hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical. The components are internationally branded, which further improves the reliability of the equipment, real-time display of programs, parameters and data, and high production efficiency.

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Main Technical Parameters

Punching force (kN)1500X10001500X10001500X1000
Marking force (kN)800800800
Thickness range of workpiece (mm)5-25(for Punching)5-25(for Punching)5-25(for Punching)
Max. workpiece dimension (mm)1500×8001500×8001500×800
Number of stations444
Max. punching dia. (mm)Φ26Φ26Φ26
Max. drilling dia. (mm)Φ40Φ40Φ40
Min. margin distance from a hole center (mm)25 Punching25 Punching25 Punching
Up to diameter while drillingUp to diameter while drillingUp to diameter while drilling
Stroke of hydraulic slide (mm)505050
Air pressure (MPa)
Characters number14 or 1814 or 1814 or 18
Dimension of characters (mm)16×816×816×8
Motor power of hydraulic pump (kW)151515
Power of servo motor (kW)2×22×22×2
Stroke of drilling spindle (mm)180180180
Speeds of drilling spindle(stepless adjustment, rpm)120-560120-560120-560
Power of main spindle (kW)
Working precisionAccording to standard GB/T2694-2003According to standard GB/T2694-2003According to standard GB/T2694-2003
Net weight (kg)700070007000
Overall dimension (L×W×H  mm)3020×3420×27223020×3420×27223020×3420×2722


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