Beam Rotation Angle Band Saw Machine

Beam Rotation Angle Band Saw Machine
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I.Machine  Application:
DJ1250 CNC rotation band sawing machine with international advanced level, has several functions of processing procedure, parameter, date real-time display ,which realize the whole process more intelligent and automatic, greatly improve sawing accuracy and efficiency . Mainly used for sawing H-beam, channel, box beams, round cross-section and others sectional workpiece, with the advantage of superior performance, high sawing precision, high-power cutting, easy operation, high production efficiency.

II.Structure and configuration :
This machine is mainly composed of the saw frame, bed, vertical feed device, vertical pressure device, rotary table, hydraulic system, cooling system etc.
This machine can be pre-input the workpiece value by touch-screen, based on the value , then automatically adjust the working process ; And all information will be real-time displayed and monitored by screen.

The saw frame is composed of square steel pipe and steel plate welded , which will

ensure the strength and accuracy of the saw frame more stable.

The saw frame obtain good rigidity and maximum durability under conditions of high cutting load and the saw blade tension, the saw frame is supported by the rolling guide

rail, make saw frame stress uniform.

The saw frame feed adopts hydraulic servo-proportional valve and encoder ,realize digital feeding.  During sawing, based on the changing of section load , do some work to the workpiece automatically: fast feeding ,slow feeding and fast backing.

When sawing h beam, the saw will touch workpiece sequencely: single side wing→double side wing →web→double side wing→single side wing. So the whole saw loading is changeable. To avoid the phenomenon of “big horse cart” on the face ,and improve the sawing efficiency .The machine can exchange the feeding speed of sawing automatically ,via preinstall control hydraulic servo proportional valve, to realize load balance.  It will utilize main motor power ,also ensure the loading safety of sawing .

The machine has the function of motor current detection, when motor appear overload running ,it will reduce the sawing feeding speed automatically. Due to internalstress release during the sawing , it may cause “ saw clamped”. In order to avoid this situation, DJ1250 CNC rotation band sawing machine will adopt part reciprocating cutting function.  Sawing more than 500mm width H beam, when reach web, it will have several automatic lift to fall control process, which will reduce the rate of “clamped” in large scale .
Rotary table adopts frame structure, with good rigidity, strong stability and smooth cutting-sectional.
Band saw blades adopt hydraulic tensioning , make sure the saw blade maintain good tensioning in the fast feeding and extend blade life, the user can adjust the pressure in accordance with the steel size; also equipped with cutting detective device, if any bad case or error emerge, the machine will automatically sense and stop.

Automatic chip cleaning system, equipped with power rotation brush on the saw support ,which can clean left iron chips after sawing.
The machine has a screw type chip conveyor system, can send all chips on collecting box to chip box .

The machine has function of rotation 0 ° ~ 45 °,keep workpiece not moving, the whole machine move, it can finish the beveling between 0 ° ~ 45 °.During worktable rotation, magnescale will detect the rotation degree timely,when reach setting valve, rotation will be topped .At the moment , braking device for braking, to ensure the rotation accuracy.

In order to ensure the reliability of the machine running , the saw blade rail, inverter, hydraulic components on the machine, all are international brand products. (Details see outsourcing catalog)


III.CNC feeding and clamping devices (Dolly Feeding):

The production line CNC adopts dolly feeding , CNC feeding device driven by servo motor via reducing the speed through gear and rack, accurate positioning. Equipped with photovoltaic correlation switch on feeding port , can find baseline of workpiece feeding direction X axial, when workpiece feeding, and treat it as basis do X axial positioning, to realize precise positioning of the workpiece.

 In order to ensure the reliability of the machine running , the saw blade rail, inverter, hydraulic components on the machine, all are international brand products.

IV.Technical parameters:

Sawing H-beam    size ( without roation)
     (Web height x flange width)

Max. 1250 mm×600 mm

Mini 200 mm×75 mm

Saw Blade Size

T:1.6mm W:67mm

Motor Power

Main motor

15 kW

Hydraulic pump


Saw blade linear    speed

20~100    m/min

Feeding speed

0-2 m/min software control

Rotation angle


Worktable Height

About 800 mm

Overall size (L    * W * H)

About 2200x4400x2800 mm


About 8t


1.   Problems to be aware of during use:

(1)   The use of CNC drilling machine environment: For CNC drilling machine is best placed in a constant temperature environment and away from the vibration of the equipment (such as punch) and electromagnetic interference equipment.

(2)   Power requirements

(3)   CNC drilling machine should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, maintenance, failure to note the protection of the scene and so on.

(4)   CNC drilling machine is not suitable for long-term storage

(5)Pay attention to training and equipping operators, maintenance personnel and programmers

2.      Where is the main factory?