CNC Multi-angle Sawing Machine

Machine features: Fully automatic CNC sawing machine, using grating ruler to control feeding length, high precision, shearing structure, saw frame can be rotated 0-45°

Product Details

cnc rotation band saws machine

Color touch screen operation, man-machine interface replaces traditional button control panel, manual and automatic dual function selection. The grating length is used to control the feeding length, the precision is high, and the shearing structure can be rotated by 0-45°.


Fully automatic CNC sawing machine, suitable for mass production continuous cutting, using PLC control system, can set a group or unit

(1)Main Technical Parameters

Sawing H-beam    size ( without roation)   (Web height x flange width)Max. 1250 mm×600 mmMax. 1000 mm×500 mm
Mini 200 mm×75 mmMini 200 mm×75 mm
Saw Blade SizeT:1.6mm W:67mmT:1.6mm W:54mm
Motor PowerMain motor15 kW11kW
Hydraulic pump5.5kW5.5kW
Saw blade linear    speed20~100    m/min20~100    m/min
Feeding speed0-2 m/min software controlsoftware control
Rotation angle0°~45°0°~45°
Worktable HeightAbout 800 mmAbout 800 mm
Overall size (L    * W * H)About    2200x4400x2800 mmAbout 4050*2300*2700mm

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