Universal Angle Head AGU-ER20

Universal Angle Head Milling head with output shaft that can be swiveled in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Product Details

Universal Angle Head AGU-ER20

From the perspective of the machine coordinate system, the Universal Angle Head is a milling head whose milling output axis can rotate around the machine's Z axis and X axis (or Y axis). The axis around the Z axis of the machine is called the C axis, and the axis around the X axis of the machine is A axis, so that the machine tool has five coordinate axes, with five-axis machining capabilities.

Product parameters

ModelOutputL1L2L3PowerRotating speedTorqueReduction ratio

Universal Angle Head AGU-ER20

Suitable for industry

The Universal Angle Head can be used to process blades of aircraft engines, blades of nuclear power pumps, blades of thermal power steam turbines, nuclear submarine propellers, etc.


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