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2019 World Manufacturing Conference Industrial robots help intelligent manufacturing

Sep 18, 2019

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of modern industry. With the revolutionary breakthroughs and cross-integration of important fields and frontiers such as information technology, new energy and new materials, a new round of industrial transformation is being triggered. Intelligent manufacturing is a general term for advanced manufacturing processes, systems and models based on the new generation of information technology, through design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities. It has the functions of deep information self-perception, intelligent optimization and self-decision, and precise control of self-execution. In short, smart manufacturing is an intelligent product, intelligent production and intelligent service supported by the Internet of Things system.


The five major trends in the intelligent development of the world's manufacturing industry today:

Trend 1: Manufacturing system-wide, full-process application modeling and simulation techniques;

Trend 2: Emphasis on the use of robots and flexible production;

Trend 3: Internet of Things and the Internet of Things are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing;

Trend 4: General attention to supply chain dynamic management, integration and optimization;

Trend 5: Additive manufacturing technology and work are developing rapidly.


As a leader in China's CNC industry, ALLES CNC seizes the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing to bring CNC machine tools to a wider market. However, CNC machine tools are an opportunity and a challenge. Developing smart manufacturing is not as simple as eating a meal. Start with the following:

1. Establish an intelligent manufacturing standard system;

2. Break through key parts and devices and achieve industrialization;

3. Promote digital manufacturing;

4. Develop core industrial software;

5. Establish a digital/smart factory;

6. Strengthen the construction of the talent team.


In the future, ALLES CNC must be the first one.

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