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5 Axis CNC Machine Center - Surface Machining

Oct 22, 2019

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Nowadays, the requirements of automotive molds for the surface quality and cutting speed of the mold have become higher and higher. When using the 5 Axis CNC Machine Center system to machine a plane with a three-dimensional curve, the best cutting state can be achieved, and different geometries can be processed at any position in the machining area of the machine by changing the setting angle of the tool axis.

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Irregular surfaces with the same shape are usually used in the 3 Axis CNC Machine Center. The cutting tool orientation remains constant during the movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the cutting edge is never perfect in all parts of the entire surface. However, for deep grooves or curved surfaces that change curvature frequently, it is necessary to use a five-axis CNC system. The direction of the tool or the position of the table can be changed. The cutting tool can always maintain the best cutting state and move along the entire machining path. The tool direction can be optimized during the process, while the tool moves in a straight line so that it is perfect in all parts of the entire surface.

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If you want to mill a straight line with no direction change, the tool holder will draw a straight line. If the direction changes at the same time, the tool tip draws a curve. If the tool tip can be used to draw the desired line when the direction is changed, the curve must be compensated, which is a crucial point in the 5-axis machining. The tool rotates around the center of the shaft without regard to the tool length.

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The tip will move out of its position and is not fixed. However, the 5 Axis CNC Machine Center control function has been added to the control system. The control system only changes the direction of the tool and the tool nose position remains unchanged. The necessary compensation motion on the X, Y, and Z axes has been automatically calculated to ensure the accuracy of the machining.

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