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5G empowers the new era of manufacturing

Oct 18, 2019


The rise of smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, digital companies, and future factories is revolutionizing the industry. Unlike the first industrial revolution of the steam era, this industrial revolution combines computing power and machine technology to harness the power of modern information, operations and communication technologies to create a better and more efficient work environment.


According to the Huffington Post, early-stage smart manufacturing initiatives have yielded good results, with 82% of adopters indicating a significant increase in their operational efficiency, and 5G commercials will be more powerful in driving this revolution. development of. In addition, according to Jabil's 5G Technology Trends Survey, 72% of experts predict that 5G solutions will be used first for commercial applications, and Industrial IoT will be one of the strong drivers for 5G applications in the short term. With low latency, high bandwidth, faster network speeds and large capacity, 5G wireless technology is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, predictive maintenance and collaborative robotics.

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