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5G is really coming

Sep 27, 2019

Large bandwidth: 5G will promote the possibilities of communication, industry, transportation and other fields


"The biggest advantages of 5G and 4G are: large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and large connections." 5G networks have higher speeds and wider bandwidths, and the network speed will be at least 10 times higher than 4G. “This is like the width of a road that determines what kind of car can run. The large bandwidth and high speed of 5G will make a huge change in the industry with large data transmission demand.”

In a 5G network, the delay of long-distance driving is only six or seven milliseconds. In the event of an emergency, the braking distance of a long-distance driving may be 8 to 10 cm more than that of a regular car. "And if you switch to a longer 4G signal, the brake distance may be 1 to 2 meters more, which is very dangerous." Professionals said, "For remote control, the characteristics of low latency are very Important, therefore, 5G can not only realize the remote control of the vehicle, but also can be applied in the field of mine survey, fine operation in the rescue and disaster relief process."


The development of 5G brings about the realization of the Internet of Things and the convenient use of AR. When these technologies are applied to industry, the prototype of intelligent manufacturing can also be portrayed. So how is 5G technology specifically applied to industrial intelligent manufacturing?


1. The overall design, process flow and layout of the workshop/factory have established digital models and simulations to realize digital management of planning, production and operation.

2. The numerical control rate of manufacturing equipment exceeds 70%, and the information interconnection and integration between high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment, intelligent logistics and warehousing equipment are realized. .

3. Establish a production process data acquisition and analysis system to achieve automatic uploading of production site data such as production schedule, on-site operation, quality inspection, equipment status, material transfer, and visual management.

4. Establish a factory internal communication network architecture to realize information interconnection between manufacturing processes, manufacturing, inspection, logistics and other manufacturing processes, as well as manufacturing processes and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

5. Established an industrial information security management system and technical protection system, with network security, emergency response and other information security capabilities. A functional safety protection system is built, which uses a full life cycle method to effectively avoid system failure.


In the era of 4G, ALLES CNC's machine tools have realized the full CNC of the machining process. The arrival of 5G is undoubtedly a icing on the cake. We can develop a more convenient way under the digital control system that has been realized, and can also realize 5G. Remote control, in the future our machine tools can be taught remotely in their own factories. In the future, SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLIGY CO., LTD is at the forefront.

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