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8848 will release 5G mobile phone

Oct 16, 2019

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8848 mobile phone will release 5G mobile phone on October 18, or use folding screen. After releasing M5 series last year, 8848 mobile phone has not released new products for more than one year. On October 14th, there is technology from media on Weibo. The mobile phone will release a 5G mobile phone and release the invitation to the conference.


The 5G era is here, are you ready?

With low latency, high bandwidth, faster network speeds and large capacity, 5G wireless technology is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, predictive maintenance and collaborative robotics.


So, what changes does 5G have for the CNC machine tool industry?


Improve safety and efficiency through human-machine collaboration

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Robots can be efficiently and finely produced in large quantities and have long been used in the manufacture of automated assemblies, automobiles and other products. Robots can also be used to transport goods or, on a practical level, to clean up debris on the factory floor. Performing trivial and repetitive tasks by automated robots allows manual extraction of more time for more valuable work.


Although automated robots are already in use at factories and retail locations around the world, in order for robots to intelligently interact with the environment in real time, a large amount of information must be delivered in an instant. This is a great challenge for manufacturers who are forced to build complex machine control systems that slow down the development cycle and hinder the development of new areas.


Cloud robots supported by 5G will be able to solve these problems because 5G technology can store a large amount of system information in the cloud, simplifying the operation of robots on the factory floor and improving their ease of use and efficiency. The key to having a high-productivity robot is to have a strong and stable 5G connection. As long as the data transmission path is closer to the connection source, 5G can have faster transmission speed than the wireless connection and greatly increase the data transmission. In addition, 5G is more flexible, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changing manufacturing environments while maintaining lower cost adjustments.


5G will change the world in a variety of ways, including faster video transmission, self-driving cars and real-time remote surgery. With unprecedented transmission speeds and coverage, 5G will make the world more connected than ever before, and will also lead to major changes in many industries, including manufacturing.

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