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Analysis of troubleshooting of CNC machine center

Nov 05, 2019

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CNC vertical machine center common fault prevention measures


The CNC machine center bed often has faults in the following parts: failure of the spindle component, failure in the feed chain, failure of the automatic tool changer (ATC), stroke switch press for position detection, failure of the accessory, etc. .

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1. Stroke switch pressing fault for position detection

The main factors affecting the normal press-fit of the travel switch are the change of the moving characteristics of the moving parts. The reliability of the mechanical device of the press-fit switch and the quality characteristics of the travel switch itself are eliminated by adjusting or replacing the components.


2. Failure of automatic tool changer (ATC)

The failure of the device accounts for about 50%, which is manifested in: the movement failure of the tool magazine; the positioning error is too large; the mechanically clamped tool holder is unstable, and the movement error of the manipulator is too large, which will cause the tool change action to be stuck and the whole machine to stop running. .


3, the failure of the spindle components

Common faults include: automatic tensioning of the tool holder device, automatic transmission failure, and unstable spindle motion accuracy.


4. Faults in the feed chain

The fault is generally manifested by a decrease in the quality of the movement. For example, the positioning precision decreases, the backlash increases, the table creeps during the feed motion, and the bearing noise is too large. This type of fault generally removes the pre-tightening force of the motion pair, adjusts the loose link, and adjusts the compensation link to discharge the fault.


5, the failure of the accessory

The accessory accessories are faults such as cutting fluid, chip removal device, guide rail protection, and spindle cooling temperature control box.

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The handling of mechanical faults is rather cumbersome. It takes a lot of effort to dismantle and unload. Therefore, maintenance personnel must be able to ask the mechanics for help when they have more than 90% of the diagnosis, especially in the truth. The experiment can be disassembled after necessary analysis of the fault phenomenon. Easy blind disassembly is not allowed.

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