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Are you clear about the selection methods for CNC fixtures?

Jun 13, 2019

A jig refers to a device used in a mechanical manufacturing process to fix a processed object so that it occupies the correct position for construction or inspection, also called a fixture. Broadly speaking, any device used to quickly, conveniently, and safely mount a workpiece in any process can be referred to as a fixture.


Broadly speaking, any device used to quickly, conveniently, and safely mount a workpiece in any process can be referred to as a fixture. Select the quality machine to look for ALLES CNC, (click to view all CNC machine products produced by ALLES CNC) in the mechanical manufacturing process to fix the object to occupy the correct position to accept the construction or inspection device. In the machine tool, the surface requirements of the workpiece can meet the technical requirements of the dimensions, geometric shapes and mutual positional accuracy with other surfaces. The clamp usually consists of a positioning element, a clamping device, a tool guiding element, an indexing device, a connecting element, and a clip.

Are you clear about the selection methods for CNC fixtures


The selection method of the numerical control fixture:


(1) The numerical control is capable of clamping a variety of workpieces of different scales and different shapes. The fixtures for numerically controlled machining should be flexible, and the workpieces of various shapes and dimensions can be clamped by proper adjustment.


(2) The traditional special fixture has four functions of positioning, clamping, guiding and tool setting, while the CNC machine tool is usually equipped with touch test head, tool presetter and tool setting components, which can be processed by the machine tool. Knife. The precise positioning accuracy of the CNC machine control can be used to complete the tool guiding function in the fixture. Therefore, the numerical control fixture usually does not need the guiding and the tool-setting function, and only needs to have the positioning and clamping functions, so that the demand can be satisfied, which simplifies the layout of the fixture.


(3) In order to get used to the high efficiency of CNC, CNC machining fixtures should be able to use pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and other active clamping equipment to quickly clamp to shorten the auxiliary time.


(4) The fixture itself should have satisfactory stiffness and be used for cutting with large cutting capacity. CNC machining has the characteristics of process gathering. In the one-time clamping of the workpiece, it is necessary to carry out the rough process with large cutting force and the precision process to reach the end precision of the workpiece. Therefore, the rigidity and clamping force of the fixture must be satisfactory. The need for large cutting forces.

5) The model of CNC milling machine is customary CNC multi-faceted machining. It is necessary to prevent the fixture layout from including the components on the fixture to the dryness of the tool movement track. The fixture layout should not obstruct the tool on all parts of the workpiece.


(6) The positioning of the fixture should be firm, the positioning component should have high positioning accuracy, and the positioning part should be easy to clean up and no chip accumulation. If the positioning surface of the workpiece is too small, consider adding a technical boss or auxiliary reference.


(7) Model of CNC milling machine For the workpiece with low rigidity, the minimum clamping deformation should be ensured, such as the clamping point is close to the supporting point, and the clamping force is prevented from being applied to the hollow area of the workpiece. If the above method cannot control the deformation of the workpiece within the range of accuracy requirements, the program should be paused before finishing to reduce the influence of clamping deformation on accuracy.

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