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Basic operation of numerical control drilling machine

May 28, 2018

1. the operator of NC drilling machine must be trained to operate equipment, the operator must be familiar with the mechanism and basic principle of this equipment. When the machine works, the operator is strictly forbidden to leave the workbench and other idle people can not be near the workbench. The key of the power supply and other electrical cabinet should be kept by the special person.

2. the machine should be regularly lubricated, especially the guide rail and power head. Each class should be oiling two times and wipe clean.

3. should pay attention to whether there are obstacles around the machine, the ground is oily water, all clean up and then work; be sure to follow the safety procedures, wear wear clothing, safety helmet, safety shoes and safety glasses, pay attention to wear clothes and gloves that are easily involved.

Before the 4. turn on the power supply, we should observe the wire, cable, and skin without damage. If there is any damage to the professional personnel, do not touch all kinds of switches with wet hand, otherwise it may be electrocuted.

5. after switching on the power supply, X and Y will first return to the reference point to compile the program. After checking, they will be transferred to PLC..

6. machine test operation, observe the operation of the main shaft of the power head is normal, clamp the oil cylinder, lock the oil cylinder is sensitive, whether the coolant nozzle is normal, and the inspection can be done without error.