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Can the new energy car really use the CNC 5 axis machine center

Nov 07, 2019

CNC 5 axis machine center in the automotive industry

5 axis machine center 

With the increase in the number of new energy vehicles in the areas of family cars, official vehicles and buses, taxis, and logistics vehicles, according to the material, the annual sales volume of China’s new energy vehicles will reach the total demand of the automobile market in 2020. More than 5% of the new energy vehicle industry system will be initially established with market-oriented, enterprise-oriented, and closely separated production, education and research. In 2025, it will increase to about 20%, which constitutes an independent and controllable industrial chain. Under the national carbon emission total purpose and primary energy substitution catalogue demand, the annual sales volume of new energy vehicles will continue to improve significantly in 2030, with a range exceeding 10 million. Car.


The main applications of aluminum in new energy auto parts are body, hub, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, power battery and seat. According to the classification of processing methods, aluminum for automobiles is mainly divided into three types: die casting, extrusion and calendering. The amount of die castings accounts for about 80%, and extrusions and calenders each account for about 10%. Die-casting parts are mainly used for launching machines, wheels and other parts. Extrusion parts are mainly used for frame, luggage rack, door beam, etc., and the rolled parts are mainly aluminum plates for consumer body.


A car has more than 10,000 parts and components. The engine is the heart of the car. The manufacturing precision is quite high and the manufacturing process is complicated. The cylinder block is the largest part of the engine and the support for other components. The cylinder block is first cast, then CNC machine tool milling operation, and finally CNC machine tool fine cylinder. The connecting rod is first forged by the process of rolling forging, and then CNC machining. The dynamic balance of the crankshaft is very high, and the cam profile of the camshaft is highly precise and must be CNC machined. The oil sump of the engine is stamped from sheet steel, which seems to have nothing to do with CNC machine tools, but the die for stamping is machined by CNC machine tools. The gearbox is the most important transmission in the car, with a large number of gears and shaft parts. In automobile manufacturing, all gears and shafts in the gearbox are machined by CNC machines. CNC machine tools have great advantages in processing gears. Nowadays, gears such as gear shaping, shaving and hobbing are often used to process gears with high machining precision and high production efficiency. The aesthetics of modern car bodies are getting more and more attention. At the same time, in order to obtain better aerodynamics and collision safety, to reduce driving resistance and improve safety, the shape of the automobile body is more and more complicated, and the surface high-order equation is more and more. Although the modern body is all stamped, it is impossible to separate the CNC machining center. There are many difficult-to-machine parts in automobiles, which are often impossible to machine with ordinary machine tools and can only be machined by CNC machines. For example, large-volume car launches, gearboxes, and chassis components require a five-axis machining center for machining.


CNC 5 axis machine center also plays an important role in the automotive industry. Complete sets of equipment for car luggage racks, bumpers, pedals, sunroof rails, decorative strips, etc. Cabinets, large pallet trucks, buses, and battery trays for new energy vehicles can also be deep-processed using CNC 5 axis machine center equipment.

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