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Civilizations are colorful because of communication and rich because of mutual learning.

May 15, 2019

The continuation of human civilization has resulted in a rich and colorful world civilization. From ancient times to present, the communication between people is an important means to promote the development of the times and the spread of culture. ALLES CNC, as a member of the CNC machinery industry, must not lag behind in the trend of the development of most cultures in China.

Civilizations are colorful because of exchanges and rich because of mutual learning, "President Xi Jinping said in an important speech delivered at UNESCO headquarters on March 27, 2014. In the same speech, President Xi also pointed out that both history and reality show that pride and prejudice are the biggest obstacles to civilized exchanges and mutual learning.

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As we all know, CNC machinery industry is closely related to our life, but when it comes to the production and processing of CNC machine tools, everyone's eyes will be on the industrial powers in developed countries, such as Germany and Japan. Indeed, Germany's CNC machine tools can be said to be the world's first, but other countries'CNC machine tools are not necessarily worse. As far as China is concerned, nowadays, China has already become the largest producer of CNC machine tools in the world. There are numerous CNC machine tool companies in China, including ALLES CNC.

As a member of CNC machine tool industry in China, ALLES CNC takes itself as a "thinker of CNC machine tools" and insists that quality is always the first.In the industry, ALLES CNC can be said to be a leader. ALLES CNC can rank as the world's largest CNC machine tool industry in terms of its own strength. The development of China's "Industrial 4.0" has shocked the world.


On January 21, 2016, President Xi Jinping, in his speech at the headquarters of the League of Arab States, put forward that civilizations have diversity, which, like the diversity of species in nature, together constitute the source of life on our plane

There are different cultures in different parts of the world. Every culture deserves respect. This is especially true in hospitable China. Take our own ALLES CNC as an example, because it receives different customers from all over the world, for this reason, ALLES CNC will develop the most friendly way of communication in accordance with the different cultures of each country while maintaining the same enthusiasm, so that customers can feel the cultural exchanges between the two countries while visiting the factory.


The theme of this year's May 15th is "Asian civilizations exchanges and mutual learning and destiny communities". The Asian civilizations dialogue Conference opened in Beijing. Since the "one belt and one road" initiative was put forward, civilization dialogue and cultural exchanges have always been their important contents and key directions. The Asian civilization dialogue conference is a positive attempt to promote the construction of "one belt and one road" and "civilization Road". We should uphold the Silk Road spirit of peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning and learning, mutual benefit and win-win, transcend civilization barriers with civilized exchanges, transcend civilization conflicts with civilized mutual learning, transcend civilization superiority with civilized coexistence, and promote mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust.

Civilizations are colorful because of communication and rich because of mutual learning.

The diversity of world culture has made the world rich and colorful, and the rapid development of the times has also brought about the rapid development of various industries. Emerging industries have quickly replaced the old and backward industries and maintained the faster and better operation of the national economy. ALLES CNC is also working hard for its own development, adding to the culture of CNC machine tool industry.

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