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CNC Drilling and Milling Machine

Aug 21, 2019

CNC Drilling and Milling Machine is a machine tool that integrates drilling, milling, boring and grinding into small and medium-sized parts. The drilling and milling machine table can be moved vertically and horizontally. The main shaft is vertically arranged. It is usually a table top and the head can be lifted up and down. It has various cutting functions such as drilling, milling, boring and tapping.

cnc drilling and milling machine(alles)

Main feature

1. This machine adopts belt drive and low noise. It is suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming and milling on various common materials.

2. This machine has 12-speed shifting, wide speed range, suitable for processing all kinds of commonly used soft and hard materials;

3. The headstock and the worktable can be lifted and lowered, and can also be rotated around the column to expand the processing range;

4. The body is stable and strong, and the working table size is 585×190mm;

5. This machine can be equipped with multi-axis for multi-axis drilling, expansion, reaming and attack.

6. The machine can realize two processing functions of vertical and horizontal milling; the vertical spindle sleeve has two kinds of feeds of manual and micro-motion;

7. The X, Y and Z three-direction guide rails of the machine are ground after super-audio quenching;

8. This machine tool table X Y, Z three-way motorized feed.

9. It can realize two processing functions of vertical and horizontal milling.


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