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CNC machine tool industry application field

Jun 19, 2019

The downstream of CNC machine tools involves many industries, including automobiles, ships, military, rail transit, aerospace, electronic communication equipment, and molds. The demand for military, rail and aerospace, high-speed mold development and the support of national policies will drive the upstream, making the demand for high-end CNC machine tools growing.

(1) Automotive industry

Moreover, with the launch of new energy vehicles such as Tesla and BYD, and the wide recognition of the market, new energy vehicles and traditional power vehicles have high-speed development demand, and the demand for high-precision large-scale machine tools has also increased. . In particular, the innovative technology in automobile manufacturing, "automobile turbocharging", the small impeller blade processing required, the overall processing of automobile wheels, and the brake discs of automobiles require high-speed vertical machining centers, and the overall casting of automobile wheels and Direct product processing also requires a vertical five-axis CNC machine tool and a gantry five-axis machining center to improve its safety performance. GANTRY CNC 5 AXIS MACHINE CENTER from ALLES CNC is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control. It is characterized by a fixed beam, a table-moving boring and milling machine, and a double pendulum mechanical five-axis head. Doing one installation is the first choice for the automotive industry.

(2) Urban rail transit

The large-scale construction and planning of urban rail transit will definitely increase the demand for machine tool processing. The construction and transformation of China's railways with high speed and speed and heavy load has entered the fast lane of development. The demand for rail machines for rail transit is also multi-faceted: one is locomotives (electric locomotives and electric drive diesel locomotives) and vehicle manufacturing, the other is the routine maintenance of wheel and axle manufacturing machines, as well as rail processing and high-speed rail sleeper processing. The development of rail transit requires both a general-purpose CNC machine tool and a dedicated CNC machine tool.

(3) Mold industry

With the industrial adjustment of the mold industry, the standards of mold performance and precision will continue to increase, and the demand for high-end CNC machine tools in the mold industry will increase. In the mold processing process, the machine tools to be used include CNC milling machines, high-precision machining centers, precision grinding machines, etc., and their requirements for machine tools are high, requiring the machine tools to maintain high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity and high reliability.

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CNC machine tool industry application field

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