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CNC machining center maintenance basic measures

Oct 23, 2019

5 Axis Machine Center

Precision machines have higher performance requirements during use. In order to better solve such problems, you need to pay attention to how to better maintain. For example, CNC machine center maintenance is a very important thing. Normal, the input of the program is good, etc., then what basic measures should be paid attention to during maintenance?


First, cylinder

One of the problems involved in the maintenance of CNC machine centers is that cylinders, seals and mating surfaces are very important. It is necessary to check frequently for damage. Sometimes the piston is stuck. Whether it is normal or not is very important for the productivity of the entire machine.


Second, after sales

Of course, after-sales service is also important. Some daily CNC machine center maintenance work needs after-sales service to complete. Good after-sales service can provide maintenance services without being limited by time and space. Therefore, for everyone, this It is a very important way to ask for help, and it is also a way to get the machine in time.


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