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CNC machining center programming such as how to avoid collision knife and overcut

Jun 06, 2019

Nowadays, among the products produced by ALLES CNC, the CNC machining center is the most popular star product.

ALLES CNC's machining center has a total of 5 Axis Machine Center, Gantry Type 5 Axis Machine Center, and VMC 3 Axis Machine Center to meet all the needs of CNC machining. Various models, standards, and customizations are available. Ask for the most suitable product.

Because it is the sales champion, ALLES CNC has made the best product service. Here is how to make the CNC machining center of ALLES CNC programmatically avoid the problem of collision and overcutting.

Knife and overcut not only affect the quality of the machined workpiece, but also cause greater damage to the CNC machining center. There are many reasons for this kind of problem, but there is one factor that cannot be ignored. That is programming. The following small series has compiled several aspects. I hope that everyone can avoid the occurrence of collision and overcutting during programming.

1. Use the following periphery when the die is thickened


The use of the following tool path is relatively neat and tidy, and the tool is generally used. If you do not use island cleaning and wall cleaning when using, it is likely to leave a large chunk of residual material on the wall, which can easily lead to a knife.


2. The geometry has a broken surface or a special surface intersects


When the geometry used in the face milling operation has a broken surface or a special surface intersects, the cutting path is often cut into the geometry. This situation is very terrible, often the same (tool and workpiece), the modification method is usually It is slowly adjusting the tolerances.


3. Use surface drive to select no processing geometry


The use of a bull nose knife often overcuts the first or last knife by modifying the starting size of the drive surface slightly.


4. Reversing the knife or overcutting


This situation is very common, the most is the extension of the fixde_contour knife, for example, you define the arc forward and backward knife, but when the geometry is encountered when retracting, the system will automatically avoid, will form a twisted track, if defined Retraction speed, perhaps safely, if you retreat with G0, you may cut a little bit.


5. Inappropriate use of the auxiliary body leads to overcutting


If your auxiliary size does not completely surround your tool path, then check if there is a cut, such as using a boundary drive, the boundary mode is on, if your auxiliary body happens to be part of the bevel, then It is very likely that the boundary will be overcut.


6. Reference tool


The reference tool cutter path is generally neat and tidy, it will be used. This function is very easy to use. It will not be used, and it will be the place where the knife collision event is hidden. For example, due to the steps left by the die cutting tool, such as a large amount of residual material left on the top because there is no increase in the cutting layer, such as a knife on a V-shaped groove that is not cut to actually cut. Depth and so on. These places that could have been machined in place by a previous tool have left a margin for various reasons. The second tool is not taken into account when referring to it. If you don’t consider them, of course, you have to pay for the consideration. hit. . hit. . .


7. The safety plane uses the previous plane


This situation only happens under certain circumstances, that is, the way your CNC machine goes to G0 does not follow the way inside your program, but moves at a 45 degree angle and then moves 0 degrees or 90 degrees if you The machining center does not support the use of the previous plane, and the upper plane must be used. And you hit the knife and you still don't know what happened. Therefore, when you have not figured out the "temper" of the machine tool, it is best to be honestly lifted to the safety plane. Because of the safety plane, that is the real safety!

CNC machining center programming such as how to avoid collision knife and overcut

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