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Aug 23, 2019

CNC PLATE DRILLING MACHINE mainly consists of bed and longitudinal slide, gantry and transverse slide, vertical ram type drilling power head, work table, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system, pneumatic system, etc. composition. The gantry and bed sections of the machine tool are optimized for dynamic and static rigidity, and the strength and accuracy are more stable. It can be clamped with hard alloy inner-cooled drill bits and can also be drilled with high-speed steel twist drills. It is mainly used for the processing of flanges, heat exchangers and tube sheets. The machining process is numerically controlled, with high efficiency, high precision, convenient programming and simple operation.

9.Plane drill machine

The CNC TUBE SHEET DRILLING MACHINE bed is made of steel plate welded structure, which is artificially aged and has stable precision. The reinforced dragon greatly increases the rigidity of the machine and guarantees a large cutting amount. The track is guided by the side and the movement is flexible. The drive uses an AC servo motor to drive the precision ball screw pair on both sides of the synchronous drive. Both the guide rail and the lead screw have eliminated the gap, and the response is good, and the positioning accuracy is high. The double-sided synchronous drive ensures parallel movement of the gantry, ensuring the verticality of the Y-axis to the X-axis at any position.

The lateral (Y-axis) movement of the drilling power box is guided by two high-precision linear guides mounted on the front of the diaphragm. The drive is driven by a servo motor to drive the timing belt and the precision ball screw to ensure high precision.

CNC PLATE DRILLING MACHINE's drilling power box is a rigid precision spindle with a BT50 internal cooling spindle and a carbide internal cooling drill for high precision. Equipped with a hydraulic knife cylinder, it is very convenient to load and unload tools. The spindle is driven by a high-power shaft servo motor through a timing belt. The spindle speed is wide from 30 to 00mi.

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