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CNC Plate Drilling Machine Maintenance

Sep 05, 2019

The CNC Plate Drilling Machine features drilling, tapping and milling functions, CNC machining, easy programming and simple operation. Speaking of simple operation, what about maintenance?

cnc plate drilling machine(alles)

The following are the daily maintenance contents and requirements of CNC Plate Drilling Machine provided by ALLES CNC:

1. Check the oil volume of the lubricating oil tank frequently, add lubricating oil in time, and the lubricating pump can start oiling and stop in time.

2, X, Z axial guide surface to remove chips and dirt, check whether the lubricant is full, there is no scratch damage on the rail surface.

3. The compressed air source checks the pressure of the pneumatic control system and should be in the normal range.

4. The air source automatic water filter, the automatic air dryer timely cleans the water filtered out in the water separator to ensure the automatic air dryer works normally.

5. Check the balance pressure of the hydraulic balance system. The balance valve works normally when moving quickly.

6. The hydraulic system of the equipment hydraulic system and the oil pump have no abnormal noise, the pressure gauge indicates normal, the pipeline and each joint have no leakage, and the working oil and surface height are normal.

7. The cooling fan of each electrical cabinet of the electrical cabinet is working normally, and the air conditioning filter is not blocked.

8. The control system input/output device checks for looseness and the contact is firm.

9. All kinds of protective device guide rails, equipment protective covers, etc. should be free from looseness and water leakage.

10. Cool the fuel tank and water tank to check the liquid level at any time. Add oil or water in time. The cutting fluid should be added in time to avoid corrosion of the machine table.

11. Do not stack too much with the chip conveyor to avoid jamming and so on.

12. Irregular inspection of the spindle drive belt requires the adjustment of the belt tightness. If the belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

13. New grease is required for the bearing housing every six months.

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