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CNC Vertical Machine Center in the automotive industry

Oct 12, 2019

cnc machine center

The production of auto parts requires a large number of CNC machine tools to meet the needs of the market. With stable, reliable and efficient processing equipment and mature technology, it is the key to the success of the automotive industry. ALLES CNC's machine tools meet the high standards and high standards of the automotive industry. Especially for highly integrated parts processing, such as engine block, etc., can form a flexible production line, which can better reflect the advantages of high efficiency, stability and versatility of our equipment.


Car steering input shaft

Processing characteristics:

Processing features: Slim shaft, precision and jitter requirements


Recommended models:

ALVMC Series CNC Vertical Machine Center


Basic equipment requirements:

1.Hydraulic clamp

2. High speed cutting;

3. CNC turntable and hydraulic top tailstock.

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