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CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

Jan 07, 2020

verticl turning lathe

CNC machine tool technology is a kind of automatic control technology for machine tools developed in the 1970s. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe processing technology is to improve the automatic production of aquatic products and product quality in the machinery industry, and it is the only way to transform and update the current machinery manufacturing technology. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe is an indispensable machining equipment in modern industry. It plays the main role of turning rotating workpieces. The machine tool is not only an important tool for human labor, but also an important embodiment of the development level of social productivity. Sign. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe is mainly used for turning workpieces and shaft workpieces, mainly processing outer circles, end faces, inner holes, and cutting processes. Suitable for mass production and precision parts processing.


CNC Vertical Turning Lathe is widely used in electrical appliances, instrumentation industry, automotive, motorcycle accessories, solid parts, bearings, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware tools, clocks, glasses, stationery, motors, valves, gas pipes and other high-precision and complex The processing and manufacturing of parts is an ideal rate equipment for the hardware machining industry.


Using CNC Vertical Turning Lathe to complete the machining process has unparalleled characteristics of ordinary machine tools:


1. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe can greatly increase productivity. After the workpiece clamping is completed, the programmed machining program is input, and the machine tool will automatically complete the machining process. When the machining part is changed, generally only the CNC program needs to be changed, so the machining time is greatly shortened, and the productivity can be increased by several times compared with ordinary machine tools.


2. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe has high machining accuracy and the product quality is very stable. Because it is automatically processed according to the program, the machining accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software, so it can obtain extremely high machining accuracy. At present, almost all high-end, precision and sharp products in various enterprises are processed by CNC machine tools.


3. CNC Vertical Turning Lathe has a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces labor intensity, and to a large extent, dilutes the difference between manual labor and mental labor. The CNC machine tool operator's work process has a high scientific and technological content, which requires higher quality of the operator and higher technical requirements for the maintenance staff.

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