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Come in and take you easy to understand the ordinary CNC gantry type milling machine

Nov 19, 2019

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Come in and take you easy to understand the ordinary CNC gantry type milling machine.


The development of the general-purpose CNC gantry type milling machine and the new planning concept have led the trend of modern processing. The high-speed machining concept is a flawless shaft ram type and a variety of milling heads. Replace the trend of traditional milling. The various milling head accessories represented by the two-coordinate angle milling head become the first method to complete high-speed and high-efficiency composite machining. The process function is wider, the power is larger, and the rigidity is stronger.


The structural features of the common CNC gantry type milling machine:

1. The main milling head adopts the ram-speed reducer separation planning, which makes the precision of the milling head improve. The two-speed gear active shifting structure is selected in the gearbox to achieve low speed and high torque and high speed constant power, which can be satisfied with rough machining and fine Process requirements for processing.

2. High-precision spindle combined bearing ensures high function and high precision of the main milling head. Ordinary CNC gantry milling machine rams and milling heads also use hydraulic cylinders for balance and smooth movement.

3. Three-axis transmission are selected imported high-precision preloaded ball screw or double gear - rack without gap drive, and then ensure transmission accuracy.

4. The three-axis reaction uses the photoelectric encoder to complete the semi-closed loop azimuth reaction. The grating can also be used to complete the full-closed azimuth response according to the user's requirements.


The common high speed cnc gantry milling machine meets the key processing needs for large parts in key fields such as aerospace, power generation equipment and cars; high-speed fine CNC turning machine, CNC machine center and other products are widely used in aerospace, electronics and other work. The field has led to the upgrading of many small and medium-sized companies and the promotion of industry.


When connecting the normal type CNC gantry type milling machine power supply, the voltage must be stabilized and the voltage fluctuation must be within the specified range. If it is beyond this range, the machine motor will be damaged. The temperature of the installation environment must be lower than 30°C. Humidity should be less than 80%. If these two conditions are not met, it will affect the service life of the machine control system. In addition to the high requirements for the installation environment, we should also pay attention to:

1. There is a need to leave a certain range of work space around the ordinary CNC gantry type milling machine. It is not allowed to stack any items to avoid obstacles.

2. Before the work, the operator must wear protective protective clothing, and can not wear gloves when operating the ordinary CNC milling machine.

3. After checking and adjusting the processing parameters, the origin and the motion track, the parts can be processed.

4. Carefully check the ordinary CNC gantry type milling machine workpiece clamping is not the installation of the fastening, each of the sports bearings are all returned to the zero point of the machine.

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