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Common maintenance inspection of CNC machine tools

Apr 27, 2020

In the repair and maintenance of CNC machine tools, first of all, people need to have a certain understanding of the principle, function and structure of the machine tool. He has a broad knowledge of professional knowledge, is good at learning and thinking, and has strong practical skills and practical skills. Before maintenance, you should carefully think, observe, and analyze to find the right entry point. When the machine tool fails, it is necessary to do not blindly start, first understand the process and state when the fault is triggered, and analyze and accurately cut into the fault point. The following simple examples illustrate how to deal with and analyze faults encountered:

Case A. Error alarm of oil pressure in machine tool lubrication device

1. First, we see this alarm message as shown in the figure below. In the first step, we start with a simple signal point. We need to check whether the signal of the lubricating device of the device is in place and query the ladder diagram address through the alarm code 2003.


2. We need to manually oil to see if the lubricating device pressure gauge is normal.

3. It is necessary to observe whether there is any trace of oil leakage on each axis of the machine tool.

4. Finally, it was found that the X-axis oil pipe of the equipment was broken and leaked, resulting in an alarm due to insufficient oil supply pressure.


Case B The machine program remains unexecuted when the M10 code action is executed on the machine's four axes.

1. We need to check whether the pressure of the hydraulic station is caused by insufficient pressure (check external pressure factors).

2. Check whether the four-axis loosening clamping signal and the external solenoid valve signal are in place (query signal factors).

3. Check whether the four-axis internal action limit switch is damaged.

Finally, by checking that the limit switch of the M10 signal triggered by the four-axis of the device is broken, the program remains unexecuted when executing M10.


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