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Conditions for the development of CNC machines

Feb 20, 2020

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In today's world, industrial developed countries attach great importance to the machine tool industry and are racing to develop mechatronics, high-precision, efficient, and highly automated advanced machine tools to accelerate the development of industry and the national economy. For a long time, Europe, the United States, and Asia have been fiercely competing with each other in the international market and have formed an invisible front. Especially with the advancement of microelectronics and computer technology, the development of CNC machine tools has accelerated after the 1980s. Multi-demand has already become the focus of machine tool manufacturers of various countries competing to show advanced technology, compete for users, and expand the market at the four major international machine tool exhibitions. After China's entry into the WTO, it has formally participated in the fierce competition in the world market. How to strengthen the strength of the machine tool industry and accelerate the development of the CNC machine tool industry in the future is an urgent and arduous task.


Everything has its own characteristics and development conditions, and people can accelerate their development only after they master it. The development conditions of CNC machine tools mainly include:

It is a comprehensive combination of various high-tech technologies including machinery, electricity, liquid, gas, and light. It is based on modern advanced technologies such as electronics and computers. It must have a solid technical foundation and complement each other. Without complete equipment, it is difficult for CNC machine tools to develop smoothly;


It is composed of three parts: the host, various components (functional parts) and the CNC system. Advanced automation tools are required to achieve processing. All links must be practically passed in terms of technology and quality to ensure reliable and stable work. Only to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and automation of CNC machine tools, otherwise, it is difficult to use in production practice;


CNC machine tools are a combination of social needs, technological level and personnel quality. If the quality of personnel is poor and the level of science and technology cannot be reached, it will be difficult to meet social needs. People are the main body of all activities, and they need various experts, talents and skilled workers who are proficient in business to cooperate with each other and complete them together. Otherwise, it is difficult for CNC machine tools to develop smoothly.


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