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Current status and trends of key manufacturing technologies for aeroengines

Sep 24, 2019

Based on the high complexity and high reliability of aero-engines, the current aero-engine manufacturing capacity is still in accordance with the "manufacturing → testing → modified manufacturing → re-testing" mode, which is doomed to be not only a high-tech business, but also a A high-input business. Only a few countries in the world have aero-engine manufacturing technology, which represents a country's technological level, industrial level and overall national strength.

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Through the joint efforts of several generations of aviation people, we have realized a historic leap from jet engine to turbofan engine, from small thrust to medium thrust to large thrust, from second to third to third generation and fourth generation. At present, the research and development of four generations of machines and large thrust and large bypass ratio engines are underway. The demand for development objectively requires us to lead the improvement of aero-engine technology with more advanced manufacturing technology.

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The main key manufacturing technologies are: integral leaf disc and leaf ring manufacturing technology; stator and rotor blade manufacturing technology; casing manufacturing technology; wide-chord fan blade manufacturing technology; metal-based, ceramic-based and carbon/carbon composite components.

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Aeroengines need to be used for long-term, repeated and reliable use under the harsh conditions of high altitude, high speed, high temperature, high pressure, high speed and alternating load. Compared with the power of other delivery systems, aero-engines are the most demanding and structurally the most in the world. Complex physical systems. As the United States wrote in its National Aero Engine Key Manufacturing Technology Promotion Plan: “This is an area where technology is so profound that it is difficult for novices to enter. It requires the state to fully protect and utilize the results in this field, and requires long-term data and experience accumulation. And a large amount of investment from the state."


In order to meet the needs of China's aviation engine replacement, it is important to establish and improve the aviation engine development spectrum. This has led to many engine types, short development cycles and technical difficulties in recent years. In order to better fulfill the predetermined goals of each model development, it is imperative to scientifically and efficiently carry out technological innovation and technological breakthroughs and improve technology maturity.

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