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Design standards for CNC vertical machine center

Mar 27, 2020

CNC vertical machine center

What are the design standards of CNC vertical machine center? What points need attention?

CNC vertical machine center is a machine for processing metal sheet metal, molds and shell parts. It can complete various machining processes such as drilling, milling, and boring, but its price is higher, and the consumption of processing is much higher than that of traditional manual machine tools. Therefore, the machining center is required to greatly reduce the processing time of a single product . Therefore, the design of a CNC machine center is deeply related to its processing efficiency and processing quality. So, what are the relevant matters that need attention in the design of the machining center? Let ’s take a look.

CNC vertical machine center

1.Higher static and dynamic demeanor

The CNC vertical machine center is expensive, and the wasting costs during the machining process are much higher than traditional machine tools. This requires the machine tool to significantly reduce the processing time. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is the tool material. The development and reform of the company have greatly improved the cutting speed and reduced the cutting time by a factor of two. The second is to use the automatic tool change system to achieve the effect of rapid tool change and quick clamping. The adoption of these measures has greatly improved production efficiency and enabled the machine tool owner to obtain good economic benefits.

2.Good static stiffness

For a CNC machine center, the structural rigidity of its various components such as the bed, table, headstock, guide rails and other components are closely related to the accuracy of the machine tool. Therefore, these factors require a relatively high static stiffness of the machine tool. . In cutting processing, vibration is unavoidable. These vibrations will affect the machining accuracy and surface quality, and will also reduce the tool life, which will have a significant impact on production efficiency. The CNC machine center is required to work continuously for a long time, and it is impossible to eliminate the reduction of vibration through manual intervention during processing. Therefore, the dynamic stiffness of the machine tool needs to be improved.

3. Less thermal deformation

When the machine tool is cutting, there is no exception that it generates heat, which will adversely affect the machine tool, causing each part of the machine tool to have different degrees of thermal deformation, and these will affect the accuracy of the processed product. And how to reduce the impact of slowing heat on the accuracy of processed products is a problem that must be considered. At present, we can improve the structure of the machine tool so that the thermal deformation of the machine tool does not deform toward our controllable direction. For example, the vertical column of the CNC horizontal machine center uses a frame-type double column structure, which is symmetrical to the left and right. The thermal deformation generates a translation of the spindle axis in the rising direction. It can be compensated by coordinate correction to reduce heat generation and separate the heat source from the host as much as possible. .

4.The friction between the moving parts is small and the clearance of the transmission system is eliminated

The moving amount of the machine tool's work platform uses the pulse equivalent as the minimum unit. When performing tool setting or other slow operations, the work table is required to make the most accurate response to the instructions issued by the CNC system, and these are caused by friction with moving parts It is related that by adopting the rolling guide way, the friction between each other can be reduced with the increase of the movement speed under the action of the lubricating oil, so that the low-speed crawling phenomenon can be effectively avoided.

5.High life and good precision retention

For a vertical machining center, having a lubrication system is very guarantee for the life of the machine tool. Therefore, when selecting machine tool guides, spindle components, screw rods, etc., it should use more wear-resistant materials to make the machining center. Can maintain good accuracy for a long time.

6.Humanized design

In order to save the time of clamping and changing tools, CNC machine center usually adopts multiple tool holders and automatic tool changing devices, so that one clamping can solve more problems. Therefore, in the process of clamping and changing tools, manual intervention is reduced as much as possible, so that the human-computer interaction interface can be more clean and tidy. The enhanced interlocking capability of machine tools can also effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents. At the same time, the setting of the emergency stop device can effectively avoid accidents. All operations are concentrated on one panel, which is more helpful.

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