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Does China's high-speed rail technology lead the world

Nov 25, 2019

This is of course true. Although many unscrupulous media propaganda speculations that China's high-speed rail technology mostly comes from abroad, lack of core technology, etc., this arrogance is not credible. China's high-speed rail did introduce some foreign technology in the early days, but this is not a simple imitation, but the introduction of technology, digestion, absorption, and innovation.


At present, China has relied on its own technical strength to build a "system-wide" high-speed rail. In the area of high-speed rail equipment and infrastructure construction, the world ranks.


—— China's high-speed trains have achieved independent research and development of the full-spectrum system. Key technologies such as bogies, train network control, and vehicle body manufacturing have been independently controlled, and are at the same level as foreign giants such as Siemens and Alstom. To the world's advanced high-speed rail technology, from the previous "looking up" to the current "leveling."


——The key technologies, core software and complete sets of train control equipment of the train operation control system are all localized, and the foreign products can be fully replaced. The high-speed rail transit control system solutions can be provided according to different working conditions such as high cold and sand. China's complex natural climatic conditions ensure stable and safe operation of high-speed rail.


—— China's high-speed rail bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure infrastructure capacity are among the highest in the world. China's railway infrastructure construction equipment is highly autonomous and can cope with various complicated and dangerous geological conditions. It is affectionately called "foundational demon" by netizens.

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First, the processing of different geometric shapes of the mold

In the mold processing industry, when machining a mold with a three-dimensional curved plane using CNC 5 axis machine center, the cutting of the mold is always protected in an optimal working state, and the working angle of the tool can be changed in any area of the machine tool processing. , thus completing the processing of the geometric mold.


Second, the milling of the mold without direction change straight line

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Third, the processing of irregular surfaces of the mold

Molds with deeper curvature and deeper grooves can be machined by CNC drilling and tapping 5 axis machine center. Cutting tools can always make the cutting state optimal, and the tool can make the whole machining path move. The biggest optimization is achieved, and the tool can also perform linear motion at the same time, and each part of the surface of the mold will be perfect.


In short, the multiple space surfaces of the mold can be clamped at one time for multi-step and multi-face machining, so that the processing efficiency is improved, and the accuracy of the mutual position of each surface can be effectively improved. When machining a mold with a five-axis machining center, the tool can always be in the most effective cutting state for the workpiece. In some machining fields, large-sized tools can be used to avoid mutual interference. Preferably, both machining accuracy and machining efficiency can be improved.


Forty years of reform and opening up, China's science and technology have developed rapidly and with each passing day, and high-speed rail technology is constantly improving and moving forward. From the poor and the white to the leading world, from nothing to independent innovation, the road of China's high-speed rail is the direction that China's manufacturing, Chinese design, and China's innovation must advance. The wheel of reform is rolling forward, and China on the high-speed rail is rushing.

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