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Factors affecting the price of CNC Machine Center

May 20, 2020

One is optical machine

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The optical machine is the most important part of CNC Machine Center. The configuration in this area determines the processing stroke of your CNC Machine Center, that is, how large the workpiece can be processed. It is the most priority part when selecting CNC Machine Center. This part accounts for CNC. The price of Machine Center is more than 30%.

The second is the CNC system

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The CNC system is the core of the CNC Machine Center, which is equivalent to the brain of the CNC Machine Center, and is the most scientific and technological part of the entire equipment. For a long time, CNC systems have been imported. Fortunately, in recent years, China ’s CNC technology has been continuously developed and progressed. Domestic CNC systems can also meet the current CNC Machine Center programming needs. Like Caiente System, Huazhong System has friendly interface, The features of easy operation and high-precision processing are the best choices for pursuing cost-effectiveness.

The third is the tool magazine

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The arm-type tool magazine and the bucket-type tool magazine are the two most common tool types in the current machining center. In general, there are no advantages or disadvantages, but the processing environment is different and the type of tool selected is different. If it is better or worse, the arm-type tool magazine is an S-shaped manipulator next to the chain-shaped main shaft. When the tool needs to be changed, the chain magazine changes to the required tool number, and then the manipulator rotates to complete the tool change. The whole process is very fast, and there will be no phenomenon of squeezing the knife. The stability is better than the bucket-shaped tool magazine. Of course, the price is also more expensive than the dousha knife magazine.

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