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Five advantages of wide application of 3D welding platform

Jun 17, 2019

What is the three-position welding platform? Why are the three welding platforms so popular? What are the advantages of 3D welding? Now ALLES CNC understands the knowledge of 3D welding.


3D welding platform is widely used in steel structure, various vehicle body manufacturing, rail traffic welding, bicycle and motorcycle manufacturing, engineering machinery, frame and box, pressure vessel, robot welding, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, equipment assembly, industrial pipeline (Flange), inspection system, 3D welding platform is also called 3D flexible welding platform, 3D flexible welding tooling platform, flexible welding platform, 3D fixture platform, 3D cast iron platform


The three-dimensional welding platform is widely used with the following five advantages:


1. Economical: The cost and time of special tooling invested in each product change can almost no longer cost money. The device is easy to operate and safe to use. Users can quickly splicing tooling with different requirements as needed. Just like children playing assembled toys, complex and cumbersome assembly methods have been eliminated by the public.


2. Flexible: The flexible three-dimensional combined welding tooling platform has high bearing capacity and stable steel. Its five faces are machined with regular holes and engraved with mesh wires. The welding platform can be easily extended and expanded and combined. The expanded standard countertops are directly connected together by modular positioning and clamping. The general functions of the flexible three-dimensional combined welding tooling system are displayed in the process of installing, adjusting and positioning the workpiece, especially in the application of large workpieces. The assembly method is various, and the user can fully realize the same positioning and clamping function of any special fixture as long as the imagination is fully utilized. It is quick to assemble and easy to assemble and disassemble; the work surface can be assembled according to the shape and size of the workpiece. The scale and module dimensions on the countertop allow the operator to quickly assemble the required tooling based on the workpiece size without the use of a gauge.


3. Accuracy: Under the action of 2M ton of 1M2 concentrated load, the deformation of the flexible three-dimensional combined welding platform does not exceed 0.50mm, and under the uniform load, the deformation is only 0.024mm, which can fully satisfy the vast majority. The welding and assembly processing needs, the assembly precision is high, and the center tolerance of the working platform positioning hole is guaranteed to be within 0.05mm. This high precision will be reflected in the products processed by the user, so this workbench can also be used as a reference platform for the gage.


4. Repeatability: The table top of the three-dimensional flexible combined welding workbench is made up of cast iron/steel structural parts/precision machined parts/modular components. Its performance is very stable. If the parts are damaged due to improper use, it is not necessary to scrap the entire table. Individual parts can be replaced at very low cost. The welding platform is specially processed to eliminate the welding splash on the surface of the table during the welding process by using only a low anti-splash solution.


Application fields of 3D welding platform products: With the continuous development of industry, 3D flexible combination welding tooling has been widely used in the equipment manufacturing and welding processing industries, completely changing the positioning orientation of traditional industries, and promoting more updates. The production of the process. ALLES's SDALBD series CNC 3D drilling is a fixed beam beam beam mobile 3D drilling machine integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital and control. It can be installed once and drilled on three sides, greatly improving processing efficiency and processing quality. With high rigidity and strength, we have ensured long-term stable operation. Through continuous efforts, our customers have been at home and abroad. We have won high recognition from the market. We look forward to your arrival and we will give you the most satisfactory results(For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD).

Five advantages of wide application of 3D welding platform

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