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Fourth five-axis maintenance

Aug 08, 2019

Everyone knows the use of CNC machine tools, but do you know the maintenance of CNC machine tools? Let ALLES CNC tell you now.

Fourth five-axis maintenance(alles)

The numerical control machine axis means the motion axis. In fact, it is also the coordinate axis of the space. For example, the x and y axes of the coordinate, there is no independent axis controller and motor drive system. The axis that is specialized around the z-axis is called the fourth axis, and the axis that rotates around the y-axis is called the lower five-axis.

The fourth and fifth axes of the mechanical transmission of CNC machine tools have two kinds of structures: the first one is worm gear transmission and the other is roller cam transmission.

The first type of transmission pair is: the gear rotation of the output end of the servo motor drives the gear of the worm end, the transmission worm, the worm wheel rotates, and the fourth five-axis disk surface rotates accordingly.

The second type of transmission pair is: the gear rotation of the output end of the servo motor drives the gear of the camshaft, the transmission camshaft, the roller pair rotates, and the fourth five-axis disc surface rotates accordingly.

From the above two transmission modes, it can be seen that the inside of the fourth five-axis is a mechanical transmission. The quality of the worm gear pair and the roller pair is the key to the accuracy of the fourth and fifth axes.

How to ensure that its accuracy is good for a long time. The most important key question is how is the lubrication rate of its components? (Like the car's engine) So, lubrication is now used. Lubricating oils are liquid lubricants used on various types of machinery to reduce friction, protect machinery and machine workpieces.

The role of lubricating oil:

(1) Lubricate the transmission system to reduce the wear of gears and other moving parts, ensure the normal movement of the transmission system and prolong the service life.

(2) Reduce the friction and transmission loss of the gear transmission and improve the mechanical efficiency.

(3) Cooling the transmission parts. Gear transmission, due to the contact friction of the tooth surface, will generate a lot of heat. If it is not dissipated in time, it will cause high temperature on the tooth surface, and it will cause ablation and adhesion. In the process of circulating lubrication, the gear oil continuously takes away the heat and dissipates it through the air and the transmission mechanism to ensure the normal operation of the transmission parts.

(4) Prevent corrosion and corrosion.

(5) Reduce the tooth surface impact and transmission noise.

(6) The gear oil has a washing effect, and can continuously clean the contaminants and solid particles attached to the surface of the gear.

When the gear oil is used for a long time, its viscosity will gradually decrease, and the above six indicators will also be lost.

When the lubricating oil flows to the friction part, it will adhere to the friction surface to form an oil film, which reduces the resistance between the friction parts, and the strength and toughness of the oil film are the key to the lubrication.

How long should the oil be changed for the fourth and fifth axes? It has a certain relationship with working hours, as follows:

(1) Run 8-12 hours a day, it is recommended to replace it once every year;

(2) The first day of operation is 12-20 hours, and it is recommended to replace it once every 6 months.

CNC machine tools solve complex, precise, small batch, multi-variety parts processing problems, and are more suitable for a variety of industries. It is a flexible, high-performance automatic machine tool. Therefore, at the same time of use, we must also pay attention to maintenance, the life of CNC machine tools also needs to be maintained.

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