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From CNC to smart machine tool industry to open the road to change

Jun 26, 2019

With the rapid development of information technology such as the Internet, cloud computing, and big data, the strategic breakthrough of the new generation of artificial intelligence (AI2.0) has become the core technology of the new round of scientific and technological revolution. The machine tool known as the “Industrial Mother Machine” will benefit from artificial intelligence technology, which will cause fundamental changes in the information system, “from the 'giving people to fish' to the 'giving people to fish' revolution.

From "CNC" to "Intelligence", the road to change in the machine tool industry is not only the natural requirement of the general trend of technology development, but also the inevitable response of the industry to the current high-quality economic development. In the 3C field and the automotive industry's transformation and upgrading, in order to respond to the demand for high-precision components, the machine tool industry is taking a new road of change with “smart” empowerment.

Difficulties in the road of "smart" machine tools

"Enhancing with wise" is not a smooth road. According to Liu Qiang, a professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, intelligent machine tools have three basic common problems: information, state perception and data processing; "machine tool-information system-human" communication protocol and interface; intelligent analysis and control algorithms. Liu Qiang said: "The challenge for CNC machine tools in the industrial 4.0 era is the processing of new materials, the higher quality of products and the need for higher efficiency." Here, ALLES CNC can adhere to the industry of CNC machine tools. Based on the essence of the product, it is never opportunistic. A 24-hour online quality inquiry service is waiting for you. (For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD)

From CNC to smart machine tool industry to open the road to change

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